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RadioTrio | Siniscalco, Smimmo, Zanisi



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RadioTrio | Siniscalco Smimmo Zanisi rock with freedom

The tracks are the most varied of the best rock tradition, from Emerson, Lake & Palmer to Tom Waits, from Led Zeppellin to Genesis, from Jimi Hendrix to Bruce Springsteen and so on.
RadioTrio. The freedom of interpretation is everything in these tracks, as Jazz teaches, and contemplates improvisation in the most modern sense of the term.

Marco SiniscalcoElectric Basses and Live Electronics
Emanuele Smimmo – Drums and Percussion
Enrico Zanisi – Piano

RadioTrio | Siniscalco Smimmo Zanisi: is inspired by the fun that each radio offers to its listeners, a continuous and selected mix of songs that often have in common only the stylistic background.

The beauty, for those who listen, is to find known pieces that have not been heard for some time or discover songs that were not known and make people remain enchanted by them.

RadioTrio draws its repertoire from the world of historical Rock; it combines all the expressive energy which Rock is capable of with all the elegance that characterizes Jazz. The meaning of each song is guaranteed by the respect of the original melodies, which are the real common thread of the musical adventures in which the three launch themselves.