Rock guitar Xperience di William Stravato


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Rock guitar Xperience, tap, sweep, skip, licks, pick… William Stravato it is an inexhaustible torrent in flood that leads us to the center of his guitar universe, a musical dimension where everything is possible, with the simplicity and naturalness typical of great popularizers. Rock guitar Xperience a complete reference for every guitarist, from the first steps to the highest levels, a precious tool for the rock-blues guitar teacher, an extraordinary vision on the musical technique of today and tomorrow.

Wiilliam has been one of my favorite guitarists for more than ten years now, his preparation and inventiveness is also highlighted in his method, a book that goes far beyond the rock guitar! The chapters are developed to perfection and I particularly appreciated the chapter dedicated to licks in various styles, which allows you to understand the musical application of technical concepts, thus avoiding to remain in a purely didactic context. The audio support also allows you to understand which sound to use in conjunction with the style of each lick. A really nice method!

Giacomo Castellano

William Stravato is technically one of the greatest rock guitarists in the world. In this method, in addition to a very successful synthesis of the rock guitar technique, he offers us new ideas and ideas to improve our phrasing in a modern way.

Salvatore Russo