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Salvatore Russo | La touche manouche

Category: Jazz collection

Salvatore Russo "Just a few years ago, I would had never imagined to record this CD with Stochelo Rosenberg". The touch, taste, sound and elegance make him one of the greatest living guitarists in the musical style of Django Reinhardt.
In the last three years, playing together in various concerts in Italy, Stochelo has transmitted to me the culture of his people, the Sinti of Holland, making me discover new musical horizons, teaching me the art of the Manouche guitar as he learned it in his village, through oral tradition.

Our different cultures, apparently so different but extremely close and similar, carrying important values of life, meet in this musical project where, the alternation of my compositions, of Stochelo, and Django, give life to this work that has as its strong point the great feeling of friendship that animates us."

Salvatore Russo

Stochelo Rosenberg

Is a Dutch guitarist , who plays gipsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt and is also the leader of the Rosenberg Trio. Rosenberg was born into a family of Sinti musicians and began playing the guitar at the age of 10 following the teachings of his father, Mimer Rosenberg, his uncle Wasso Grunholz, but above all listening to the recordings of the leader of the gipsy jazz guitar, Django Reinhardt.