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Stefano Sabatini | Melodies

Category: Jazz collection

For this CD Stefano Sabatini | Melodies started with the right idea, calling two partners of great calibre and more proven experience, but above all similar to his musical world. Furio Di Castri and Roberto Gatto. And once he made sure of the solidity of the whole architecture of the trio, he was able to express his multiple individual qualities. As a soloist, Sabatini convinces for his setting of an almost austere classicism and for the rigor in the search for effects, also of great interest are his compositions.

Here to make his imprint even clearer, there are six: the tracks flow from the captivating melodic eloquence of "Sad Eyes" to the panache of "2 A.M.", touching the somewhat exotic taste of "Sooner Or Later" or the intricate phrasing of "Minnie's Bounce". Only three external loans - also well arranged - were taken respectively from Broadway (I'll Never Stop Loving You), from the Beatles (The Fool On The Hill) and from the Italian song (Amico che voli, repertoire of Edoardo De Crescenzo).

Stefano Sabatini | Melodies In addition to supporting the leader at all times, Di Castri and Gatto repeatedly find a way to come to the fore and draw all the spotlight on themselves. "Melodies" is a workshop of authentic masters.