This section contains all the Saint Louis record productions. Jazz collection, Camilla records, Urban 49, artistic projects by established professionals and young talents, selected every year in Italy and in Europe.



Recording Productions

Independent labels dedicated to jazz residence and not only ...

It offers Jazz productions as a common matrix, in all its nuances: from bop to avant-garde, from mainstream to gipsy jazz, from big band to samba jazz. The strong point of the label is the high and selected artistic quality of jazz productions, promoted by Saint Louis Management, an artistic agency that has been operating successfully in the panorama of jazz music and Italian pop rock for ten years.
The philosophy of the Roman jazz collection record label is completely innovative, following the artist at every step of his path: from the creative phase to the recording and publication of the CD, up to the record distribution and promotion on the national territory through his own artistic agency. .

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Recording Productions

Pop, rock, jazz and rock-blues independent label.

Camilla Records is anIndependent record label, conceived by music producers of Saint Louis College of Music and carried by Francesca Gregori.
The baby evoked by the Camilla Records logo, summarizes the main objective of the label, which intends to discover innovative projects of every musical genre, taking care of record production and distribution.
Camilla records gives voice to the originality of new talents, adopting an inclusive philosophy that excludes only the rigidity of rules and preconceptions and gives breath to the creative essence of new realities on the national and international scene.

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Recording Productions

A real workshop for new talents.

As the name itself says, a small factory, a real workshop at the service of new talents. The artists and groups that will be part of it are selected by audition by the management staff of Urban 49.
Once inside the factory, each artist is entrusted to an artistic director, who will guide him/her in every single phase of the artistic journey: from the writing of the songs, to the arrangements, to the construction of the sound up to the recording in studio and mastering.

When the recording project is mature, it is possible to accessed by right in the Artists section, for the promotion of the album through concerts, collaborations, radio participations and press office activities.

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