Saint Louis record productions with physical and digital promotion and distribution

With its four record series - Urban49, Jazz Collection, Camilla Records and Art-Uro Sessions - Saint Louis annually selects and produces numerous original art projects, from singles to EPs and entire albums.The philosophy of the Saint Louis record productions is aimed at the enhancement of new creative talents, supporting the artist at every step of his path: from the compositional phase to the recording and publication of the CD, up to the record distribution and promotion on national territory through the 'art agency, the social media manager and the internal press office.

How do you become a songwriter artist for the Saint Louis production house?

There are three possible ways:
- By participating and winning the first prize of the contestants
- By participating and winning the first prize of the Song-writing Camp
- by sending a spontaneous application using the following form

Festivals and Reviews

The intense managerial activity of the agency has always supported a large number of Festivals, Reviews and Competitions at national or international level, ranging between different musical genres and sharing with the public of important stages, the excellence of its students and teachers and the prestige of numerous artists.

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