RADIOFONIA WORKSHOP by Antonio Antonaglia. Theoretical-practical course on the work of the sound engineer in a radio studio.
The module, lasting a total of 8 hours, includes two meetings of 2 hours each of a theoretical nature, followed by a 4-hour meeting for studio practice.

Part I: the Theory
- A brief history of radio FM AM
- Transition to the digital age up to the web radio.
- What a radio studio looks like (mixer, computer, most used microphones, mastering processors and broadcasting software)
- The mastering of the radio signal (the ideal output levels and main hardware and processors used)
- Basics of Artistic Direction
- Program a clock
- Music genres, commercials and original radios
- How to create a web radio

Theoretical lessons calendar:
Saturday 15 February: 1st theoretical lesson, h 16:00 - 18:00
Saturday 22 February: 2nd theoretical lesson, h 16:00 - 18:00

Part II: Practice
- Advanced voice editing with Adobe Audition
- Creation of a jingle and a radio commercial
- Creation of a radio schedule through broadcasting software
- Insertion of songs in the database and customization of time bands

Practice Calendar in the Studio:
The practical part takes place in a single meeting in working groups made up of a maximum of 5 students. The distribution of the students in the classes will be decided during the theoretical lessons by the students themselves together with the teacher, according to the following availability:

Saturday 29 February, 9 am-1pm
Saturday 29 February, 2 pm-6pm
Saturday 14 March, 9:00 am-1:00pm
Saturday 14 March, 2 pm-6pm

The workshop is free and reserved for students of electronic music and sound technician academic courses (2 CFA).

RADIOFONIA WORKSHOP to book, write to:

Antonio Antonaglia, Bio

Antonio Jr Antonaglia was born as a classical musician and then moved to the world of electronic music after following the course in Midi and Phony at Il Saint Louis. He manages to turn his passion into a profession working for years in various radio stations as a DJ sound engineer and producer. He is currently employed as a sound engineer at “Ilsole24ore”. In addition to the radio he produces electronic music under the pseudonym Atomik Tags, printing vinyls distributed worldwide and performing in various Italian and European festivals and club parties. He is also a sound designer for Native Instruments and Loopmasters. His patches are integrated into the Vst Massive Software as well as distributed online by the most prestigious Samples and Patches platform in the world, Loopmasters.