From that sound heard on the platform the representation of the train in notes

Raffaello Basiglio Composer, he created music starting from the notice at the station

To ignite the creativity of the musician and composer Raffaello Basiglio, originally from Montemarzino, this time all it took was the sound of the Trenord regional train with which he would return to Tortona from Milan Centrale.
He left Rome, where he attended a two-year course in composition and film music at the Saint Louis College of Music.
«I heard this signal and recorded it with my phone – says Basiglio – Since I always have my computer and a small keyboard with me, while I was on the train I listened to it a few times, I transcribed it and I started composing. I really love inserting sounds that are not purely musical into my compositions, but it is the first time that I take inspiration from various signals and sounds to create music." From the four notes a musical representation of the train was born, performed by a small orchestra composed mainly of two flutes, four horns, a drum set played with brushes, a piano, strings and a marimba.
Score and music are enclosed in a Reel (a video on Instagram) in which images of moving convoys flow. Basiglio has now published it on the Instagram profile @raf-faellobasigliocomposer.
He assures that it will not be the last project that starts from a sound: «The other day I was leaving the gate of my house in Rome. He made an incredible sound. I was impressed by it, I recorded it. He inspired me to write music: I will publish it soon."
Born in 2000, he is a former student of Peano di Tortona. After his classical high school diploma, he attended a three-year academic course in applied music for cinema and theater at the Claudio Abbado Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan.
Before arriving at Saint Louis, he followed a master's degree in Film Music at the Renoir Film Academy in Rome. He thus managed to combine the interests that had animated him since he was a child: «When I was eight years old I started taking violin lessons – he recalls – him. Since I was little, my parents and my grandfather always took me to see operas and concerts.
With my uncle, however, I went to theater shows. Making applied music was the most sensible way to put these passions together." He wrote the music for «Corpi Elettrico», the production of the Beat Teatro company which will be on stage on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May at the Teatro del Borgo in Milan.
He is also very active in the Alessandria area: «Recently, I worked on the music for Shakespeare's "Macbeth", the second chapter of the "Teatri della Mente" format of the Teatro della Juta Company of Arquata. I had already tried my hand at the first chapter, “Romeo and Juliet”. They are sensorial shows, in which the spectator is blindfolded."
So the music has even more weight.

Sara Fisichella
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