Saint Louis Professional PoolSaint Louis Professional Pool is a new free service for Saint Louis students and alumni that allows them to get in touch with companies that are looking for qualified professionals, such as musicians, singers, composers, studio sound engineers, backliner for audio, video, film, TV series and event productions and much more.

The Saint Louis receives more and more job offers and collaboration from record companies, television and film companies, event organization companies, music schools, managers and organizers of festivals and major events, which turn to the Saint Louis certain to find a large pool of competent and qualified professionals.

Saint Louis Professional Pool was born from the need to make the meeting between supply and demand for work more fluid, fast and dynamic, thus allowing students and graduates not to miss interesting opportunities for collaboration, take their first steps in real working contexts. and create their own network of professional contacts over time.

How to register?

Registering for the Saint Louis Professional Pool is simple and free.
Fill out the form on the dedicated page:
Remember to attach your updated curriculum vitae and possibly add a demo and / or a photo.
Your profile will be included in our database and will be made visible to partner companies. If your professional figure is considered compatible with their research, you will be contacted directly by the companies and you will be able to manage the relationship with them without further intermediation.

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