Social responsibility

Saint Louis is today, at the age of 40, an important reference for teaching in Italy and Europe, attended by 1,800 students every year, where 110 professional teachers and stable employment find home and work 20 young people aged between 24 and 50 years, a precious resource for the smooth functioning of the entire institution.

Social responsibility, Saint Louis has always paid particular attention to the most disadvantaged situations, contributing in ever-changing ways to improving the conditions of some categories of people with difficulties. The social activities to which attention is focused today, in the three-year period 2020/2022, concern:

  • Scholarships, since 1999 the Saint Louis has been providing scholarships for deserving students with financial difficulties;
  • European project for the development of good practices in music teaching to subjects with DSA;
  • , where the Saint Louis purchases T-shirts, backpacks and other gadgets in large quantities;
  • Social integration activities carried out in collaboration with the MANTO Cooperative with the aim of building orientation paths and integration processes in the field of "SOCIAL ACTIVITIES
  • Commitment to the world of schools, collaboration with the national network of artistic high schools - ReNaLiart has been intensified, for the sharing of initiatives related to art and music