Artistic Production in the III millennium in a 3.0 music business model With the support of MiBAC and SIAE as part of the "For Who Creates" initiative

songwriting-campSong Writing Camp the Saint Louis supports the ideas of young artists, musicians and songwriters with a free and limited number course created with the support of the MiBAC and SIAE, as part of the "For Who Creates" program.

The Saint Louis supports the ideas of young artists, musicians and songwriters with a free and limited number of courses created with the support of MiBAC and SIAE, as part of the "Per Chi Crea" program; the "Songwriting Camp" aims to create a group of authors and professionals who can become a point of reference in the Italian music scene, a new production model in which the artist can work with a team of professionals who know how to guide him in a harmonious way towards the improvement of his work.

Song Writing Camp the project will involve 6 authors (including 2 songwriters), 4 singers / performers and 5 musicians. The residency includes a period of training, one of arrangement and rehearsal, one of recording in the studio. During the training experience, the authors will be followed by tutors who will guide them in making their songwriting more effective. They will improve their writing and arrangement skills to adapt the style of the piece to the reference market sector. They will have the opportunity to deal with studio production, from programming the electronic pre-production, from recording acoustic instruments to mixing and mastering their own piece.

At the end of the itinerary, a Showcase for industry professionals and a presentation concert will be organized at the local Monk Club in Rome, a final show with the performances of all the artists involved, open to the public. On the occasion of the showcase there will be producers and publishers who will be able to preview the works of the artists. An opportunity to put new authors in communication with key musicians, fostering any synergies. All the works created by the authors during the Songwriting Camp will be distributed on the main digital platforms.

Songwriting Camp is:

120 hours of training including 40 hours of creative writing;
30 hours of master classes and seminars on music production;
40 hours of workshops and arrangement;
10 hours of group tests assisted by the teacher;
Individual and group training with creative writing workshops;
Electronic composition workshop;
Master classes and seminars on music production;
Digital composition workshop
Arrangement and rehearsals with professional arrangement workshops;
Group tests in the assisted room;
Seminars on copyright and music business;
Stage presence.
Recording and production with recording sessions;
preparation of the final show and the showcase.

The call for applications is open from 10 October to 9 December 2019. The course will take place starting from February 2020 and will end with the final concert in July 2020.

Call available in this link

To find out more The artistic residency project conceived by Saint Louis is rooted in a careful observation of the evolution of the musical world in recent years, of the professional figures that are evolving and of the shortcomings that have emerged in the new musical phenomena .

The aim of the project is to train a new class of authors who can also become a new artistic movement in the Italian panorama, precisely through the close contact and synergies that can be created throughout the period of stay between the various subjects involved.

Song Writing Camp the Saint Louis has always been attentive to the news of the sector and has always supported ambitious projects by emerging artists, precisely by its nature as an A.F.A.M. recognized by the Miur. The Songwriting Camp has as its users the Italian songwriters, the songwriters but also the singers interpreters and the bands in support of them.

11 artists under 35 will be involved in the residence, who will collaborate in the creation of unreleased songs to be presented to producers and publishers and to an audience of experts in the sector. An opportunity to make yourself known nationally and relate to industry experts and other authors, work with them and create a hotbed of talents that can become a reference for Italian composer's music. In fact, the project foresees the residence of 6 songwriters, of which 2 songwriters, selected through a national call, who will make use of the training of some of the most prepared teachers of composition, electronic music, professional songwriters and sound technicians for the realization and refinement of a piece that will then be interpreted by 4 of the best singers of Saint Louis, selected on the basis of: vocality, timbre, style and ability to stand on stage, but also on the basis of the characteristics of the author who can choose his favorite singer among those selected.

Song Writing Camp alongside these 10 artists (4 songwriters, two songwriters and 4 singers performers) will be selected a band of 5 musicians who will accompany the singers / songwriters throughout the residency and in the final performances (concert and showcase). The band will consist of piano and keyboards, bass, drums and guitar, electronic producer and any other musicians who may be used for the final realization.

The residency includes a training period with songwriter at fama, composers and authors who will alternate with individual and group lessons, master classes and workshops in support of new talents in order to improve the product, make it attractive on a professional level and in some cases adapt and sew it on the singer / performer, thus creating a ad hoc project for each singer participating in the artistic residency.

The final results will be presented during a showcase for professionals, in the hope that young authors, but also singers, can find a preferential channel to be appreciated and obtain publishing contracts and / or become the author of other Italian performers already known.

The project is ambitious, but perfectly in line with the numerous experiments carried out by Saint Louis in recent decades with decidedly positive results.

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