directed by Mauro Massei

The ensemble "Supersax" – a name that derives from the famous American formation of the 70s, the first one with this ensemble – is a small but complete orchestra composed of 5/6 saxophones plus rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass and drums).

Its peculiarity is the sax section that covers a great diversity of registers, from the very acute of altos and sopranos to the mediums of tenor saxes, up to the low of the baritone, highlighting the great agility and versatility of this mainly solo instrument.

The repertoires range from the American classics of the 50s / 60s (Stan Kenton, Benny Carter, Lennie Niehaus) to the most demanding monographs (Bruno Biriaco, Javier Girotto) to the original compositions and arrangements by the students of the Saint Louis themselves.

This allows a fruitful interaction between the composition and arrangement courses and the small and large orchestral formations which allows the extraordinary possibility of verifying the writing and orchestration skills directly with real musicians and not only with software.

Having live ensembles at their disposal, our composers and arrangers can really understand what problems the instrumentalists face, what are the things that work or not. This is what really makes the difference between theory and practice.