“Hi, my name is Kyoto and I'm here to help you!
Before requesting assistance for the student area, make sure you have read the FAQ below "
Where can I find the link to access the Reserved Area?
Find the link on the Saint Louis website under the heading Student Area and in the Saint Louis App. The link is this
What are the credentials to access the reserved area?
You access the reserved area with your tax code and password
What is the tax code?
The tax code is used to uniquely identify individuals… and Saint Louis students!
It must be entered without spaces… it doesn't matter if in upper or lower case. Be careful not to confuse the 0 (zero) with the O (from Otranto)
What's my password?
If you are a new student, your password is the default one that was communicated to you at the time of enrollment.
The system will ask you to change your password as soon as possible for security reasons.
Changing your password, in addition to being a great way to optimize the security of your account, is mandatory. Therefore, the system will limit access to the reserved area and prevent you from accessing some features (including classroom booking) until you change your password.
Can I access the reserved area without an internet connection?
Unfortunately not ...
Where can I find the link to access the Classroom Reservation
Find the link on the Saint Louis website under the heading Student Area and in the Saint Louis App. The link is this
I am having problems accessing the classroom reservation, can I make a reservation by phone?
No, you must use the appropriate "Classroom Booking" section. The Saint Louis staff will be able to assist you only in accessing and only if the solution to your problem is not found in the FAQ
When I log in, I get the error No Records Found
You are probably getting your login credentials wrong.
- Double-check your credentials (Is the tax code correct? Are you sure? If you have any doubts, calculate it for free through this site http://www.codicefiscaleonline.com/)
- Make sure you have not put extra spaces after the social security number and / or after the password
- Are you sure of your password? Initially your password is your year of birth (example 1990). If you have changed your password and forgotten it, you can request it by email by contacting info@slmc.it
Warning: Very often, access problems are related to an incorrect automatic compilation of credentials.
If you have previously attempted to log in with incorrect credentials, they may have remained in the memory of your device.
So make sure that the self-compilation of credentials is disabled through the settings of your device, or appropriately well configured with the correct credentials.
Even the T9 and the spelling checker could lead you to make mistakes in filling in the credentials.
I can access the student area from the desktop, but not via the smartphone
This is not possible ... you probably enter the credentials wrong.
I get a server connection error, server error 500, or other server related error
This means that the server is being updated. It will not be possible to book classrooms (and neither will the saint louis staff). Try again in a few hours or the next day.
For administrative emergencies you can call the Saint Louis secretariat
I'm still having trouble logging in
In this case write to info@slmc.it

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