by Luca Proietti

A new ensemble that was born as a tribute to electronic music, synthesizers and more generally to electronic music instruments in all their forms.
The repertoire ranges from classic pieces revisited electronically, in a sort of homage to Wendy Carlos and her "Switched On Bach" - the album that made many appreciate the synthesizer as a full-fledged musical instrument - up to original compositions close to the most current trends, passing through pop songs, also revisited in electronic form.

Project coordinator Synth Louis è Luca Proietti: "One of the main purposes of this ensemble is to highlight the part played, often not very present in many electronic music performances"


  • 2 electronic percussionists (pad controller)
  • 1 bass player or 1 keyboard player with experience in synthesizers dedicated to bass parts 1 guitarist with controller MIDI for guitar
  • 2 saxophonists or clarinet players with wind controller (Akai EWI or similar)
  • 2 violinists, violists or cellists with MIDI stringed instruments (Zeta MIDI violin or similar)
  • 2 keyboard players with experience in the use of synthesizers
  • 2 voices (one male and one female)
  • 1 programmatore sound designer.