Applied Music Techniques by Giulia TagliaviaApplied Music Techniques by Giulia Tagliavia

techniques of Applied Music Led by Giulia Tagliavia, new elective subject. The course will be held fortnightly on Wednesdays h 6:15 pm - 8:45 pm starting February 1st (4 CFA)

Students willing to participate can join through their student area, "electives" section. External students can refer for information to

Technical and cultural skills specific to the creation of a soundtrack.

  • Soundtrack, where to start? Project analysis and ideation of a sound universe
  • Thematic, elaboration of musical material, rhythm and music meter
  • Elements of instrumentation and orchestration: the visual field and the sound field
  • The efficient composition, stems, and consistent use of material
  • Production of mockups, sync on scene, interchanging work with director(s)
  • The relationship between music and sound design
  • Music recording, how to choose and manage an instrumental ensemble to create a soundtrack with.
  • Practical rehearsals and recording studio workshops