Lorenzo Feliciati

He began studying classical guitar at the age of 14 with M°Antonio D'Augello, then continued the study of modern guitar as a self-taught for many years until he met guitarist Rocco Zifarelli who directed him towards the jazz-fusion style. In November 1996, he obtained a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, with a thesis in English literature at the Roma3 University in Rome'. In 1997, he attended the Guitar Institute of Technology department of the famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he had the opportunity to study and play with: Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio, Allen Hinds, Carl Verheyan, Mike Miller, Brett Garsed, T.J. Helmerich, Steve Trovato, Jeff Richman, Joey Tafolla, Allen Hinds, Dave Hill and attend seminars with Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Don Mock.

Studio and live session musician with experiences that have got him to work in Europe and the United States.

Ludovico Fulci

Graduated in Saxophone at the Conservatory of Music "L. Refice" of Frosinone with the highest marks. Winner in 1996 of the Massimo Urbani award and the following year, winner of the "Europe Jazz Contest", awarded to him in Belgium as best soloist followed by his quartet awarded as best group; in 2000 he won the "Top Jazz" in the "new talents" category while in 2010 as best saxophonist of the year, being first in the annual referendum called by the specialized magazine Musica Jazz. He also won the "Jazz It" Awards for Best Alto Sax in 2010 and 2013.

His collaborations in the field of jazz are also many and prestigious, where he was able to work alongside musicians of absolute value such as Charlie Haden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba,

Biancamaria Scoccia

Graduated in Saxophone at the Conservatory of Music "L. Refice" of Frosinone with the highest marks. Winner in 1996 of the Massimo Urbani award and the following year, winner of the "Europe Jazz Contest", awarded to him in Belgium as best soloist followed by his quartet awarded as best group; in 2000 he won the "Top Jazz" in the "new talents" category while in 2010 as best saxophonist of the year, being first in the annual referendum called by the specialized magazine Musica Jazz. He also won the "Jazz It" Awards for Best Alto Sax in 2010 and 2013.

His collaborations in the field of jazz are also many and prestigious, where he was able to work alongside musicians of absolute value such as Charlie Haden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba,

Eugenio Vatta

Graduated in Saxophone at the Conservatory of Music "L. Refice" of Frosinone with the highest marks. Winner in 1996 of the Massimo Urbani award and the following year, winner of the "Europe Jazz Contest", awarded to him in Belgium as best soloist followed by his quartet awarded as best group; in 2000 he won the "Top Jazz" in the "new talents" category while in 2010 as best saxophonist of the year, being first in the annual referendum called by the specialized magazine Musica Jazz. He also won the "Jazz It" Awards for Best Alto Sax in 2010 and 2013.

His collaborations in the field of jazz are also many and prestigious, where he was able to work alongside musicians of absolute value such as Charlie Haden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba,


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Rosario Giuliani

Graduated in Saxophone at the Conservatory of Music "L. Refice" of Frosinone with the highest marks. Winner in 1996 of the Massimo Urbani award and the following year, winner of the "Europe Jazz Contest", awarded to him in Belgium as best soloist followed by his quartet awarded as best group; in 2000 he won the "Top Jazz" in the "new talents" category while in 2010 as best saxophonist of the year, being first in the annual referendum called by the specialized magazine Musica Jazz. He also won the "Jazz It" Awards for Best Alto Sax in 2010 and 2013.

His collaborations in the field of jazz are also many and prestigious, where he was able to work alongside musicians of absolute value such as Charlie Haden, Gonzalo Rubalcaba,

Gegè Telesforo

Jazz vocalist, musician, producer, composer and also journalist, author, radio and television personality, UNICEF Ambassador, GeGé Telesforo has gone through 40 years of radio and TV history with grace, lightness and consistent love for his passion of all time: jazz lived with the utmost professionalism combined with joy, rhythm and pleasantness.
On the other hand Telesforo over the years has shown an indestructible ability to bring together the best Italian and international jazz with collaborations of the highest level, just to name a few: Roberto Gatto, Danilo Rea, Antonio Faraò, Marco Rinalduzzi, Enzo Pietropaoli , Rita Marcotulli, Marco Tamburini, Dario and Alfonso Deidda, Amedeo Ariano, Max Ionata, Rossana Casale, Agostino Marangolo, Francesco Puglisi, Fabio Zeppetella, Marcello Surace, Alex Gwiss, Marco Siniscalco, Max Bottini, Giorgia, Tosca,

Dario Deidda

Musician, arranger, composer, double bassist and bassist from Salerno. He is considered one of the best Italian bass players in the world. He won eight consecutive awards for best Italian bassist at the Jazzit Award.
Coming from a family of musicians, Dario Deidda began studying music as a child. At the age of six he studied piano alongside his father and brothers. He then dedicated himself to drums and then finally landed on the bass guitar. At the age of thirteen he enrolled at the Conservatory of Salerno attending the classical double bass class.
Mainly attracted by modern authors, he is passionate about Jazz without disdaining other musical genres. In fact, in 1999 he played in the band of Pino Daniele and later with Fiorella Mannoia.

Fabrizio Sferra

Drummer and composer, he began his activity as a jazz drummer in the late 70s and gradually established himself on the national scene by collaborating with prestigious Italian and foreign musicians, including: Enrico Pieranunzi, Massimo Urbani, Antonello Salis, Maurizio Giammarco, Pietro Tonolo, Rita Marcotulli, Stefano Battaglia, Enrico Rava, Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Mal Waldron, Kenny Wheeler, Toots Thielemans, Paul Bley, Johnny Griffin, John Scofield, Pat Metheny.

The experience from 1983 to 1992 with the pianist Enrico Pieranunzi and the double bass player Enzo Pietropaoli was significant; their "Space Jazz Trio" won, among other things, in 1988 and 1989, the critics' referendums held by the magazine "Musica Jazz", respectively as the best record and best formation of the year.
Ten years later, in '98 and '99, and then again in 2001 and 2003, the same referendums go to "Doctor 3", a trio created by Sferra in '97

Gianluca Podio

Born in Rome in 1963, he graduated in piano, conducting, composition and obtained the second level academic diploma in "Composition from the 1900s to the present". Fundamental to his artistic and human education was his deep friendship with Goffredo Petrassi. He then attended master classes in composition with authors such as Karlheinz Stockausen, Salvatore Sciarrino, George Hurst before starting a work as a pianist, keyboardist and electronic synthesizer programmer with Ennio Morricone, with whom he collaborated for more than ten years.

He is still working actively both as a composer and conductor and as a pianist. He has conducted important national and European orchestras, his compositions are regularly performed in important venues in Italy and abroad (for example Carnegie Hall in New York, Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto and many others). He is the author of many musical scores for cinema, documentaries and television productions.

Maria Grazia Fontana

Graduated in Piano from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia (Rome) in 1983, she has been working as a keyboardist, pianist and vocalist since 1978.
In 1979-80 he participated in the television show Domenica In conducted by Pippo Baudo and began a close collaboration with M ° Caruso who will make use of his work in programs such as: Domenica In, Fantastico, Evening of Honor, Numero Uno.
He collaborates simultaneously with other masters such as: G. Lombardi, B. Biriaco, V. Tommaso, G. Ferrio, R. Serio, B. Vessicchio. He participates as a vocalist in the Sanremo and Sanremo Giovani singing event from 1992 to 2001.
He collaborates on record with artists such as: Eduardo De Crescenzo, Gegè Telesforo, Teresa DE Sio, Luca Barbarossa, Giorgia, Mike Francis, Alex Baroni, Umberto Tozzi.
He took part in the theatrical tour with the singer Giorgia in 1995 with a vocal group called Daltra Canto with whom he held numerous concerts in well-known clubs in the capital.

Andrea Rosatelli

Born in Rieti in 1976, he began playing bass at the age of 11.
After studying Jazz at Saint Louis in Rome, where he graduated in double bass and also in electric bass, afterwards he began an intense activity as a side man in different formations experimenting with many musical genres, from Jazz to Pop, from Latin to Funky.

After his first experiences in TV (Uno Mattina Estate RAI1 1996), in orchestra (M° Pregadio tour 1996 –1998), in studio and live, he had the chance to collaborate with very important Italian light music artists including: Gianni Morandi – Patty Pravo – Mario Biondi – Andrea Bocelli – Tullio De Piscopo – Loredana Bertè – Nek – Simone Cristicchi – Michele Zarrillo – Chiara Civello – Paola Turci – Povia – Valeria Rossi – Giò Di Tonno and Lola Ponce – Gigi Finizio – Manuela Villa – Carlotta – Straga' – Mauro Di Mag Gio – Pier Cortese – Federico Salvatore – Simona Bencini – Mp2 and many others.

The meeting with Massimo was also fundamental

Daniele Pomo

He began his studies at the age of 11 at the most important educational institutes in Lazio, Italy. At the age of 19, he began teaching drums and solfeggio, both privately and at some music schools in Rome and Lazio.
Since 2000 he has been teaching at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where he holds coordination of the Department of Drums at Popular Music.

He has collaborated with numerous pop-rock artists like: Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips (Genesis), David Jackson (Van Der Graff Generator) Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young), Steven Rothery e Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Dionne Warvick, ,Ron, Patty Pravo, MariellaNava, Tosca, Mietta, Paolo Vallesi, Franco Fasano, Corona, Silvia Salemi, Rovescio Della Medaglia.

He is leader of the RanestRane group, one of the most recognized realities of contemporary Italian Progressive.

Diana Winter

She started quite early the studies in classical guitar and fingerstyle with M° Nuccio D'Angelo. She studied vocalization and fundamentals of African American music with M° Rev. Nehemiah H. Brown at Florence Gospel Choir School.
Since 2007, she has released two solo albums (Warner/Indiana Records) collaborating with Toots Thielemans, Phil Gould, Mike Lindup (Level 42), Fabio Balestrieri, performing in Italy, England, holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium.
Vocalist of Giorgia in Spirito Libero Tour (2009), Dietro le Apparenze Tour (2012), Pop Heart Tour (2019) with which she recorded the featuring Vieni Fuori.
Vocalist and acoustic guitarist for singer Noemi in Cuore D'Artista Tour (2016) and La Luna Tour (2018).
She got a degree in Clinical Psychology at the Università degli Studi in Florence. Also got a master's degree with 110 Cum Laude at the Department of Teaching of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. Course of High Education in Artistic Vocology at Alma Mater University of Bologna directed by Dr. Franco Fussi.

Javier Girotto

At the age of 19 he won a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music, where he graduated in Professional Music "Cum Magna Laude". Those four Years in the United States were fruitful, a period in which he deepened his studies in composition and arrangement and sax and improvisation with masters such as Joseph Viola, George Garzone, Hall Crook and Jerry Bergonzi, then learning, "the craft", playing with Danilo Perez, George Garzone, Hall Crook, Bob Moses, Herb Pomeroy and many other musicians from whom he gathered a spark of their experience.

Javier Girotto's Italian adventure began at the age of 25, and he decided in a short time to start his professional career in this country. He alternates collaboration with commercial and Latin music groups, with the formation of various jazz groups, with which he begins his tireless activity as composer and arranger.

Enrico Pieranunzi

Pianist, composer, arranger: Enrico Pieranunzi is among the best known and appreciated protagonists of the international jazz scene. He has recorded more than 70 Album under his name, ranging from piano solo to quintet and collaborating, in concert or in the recording studio, with Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Paul Motian, Charlie Haden, Chris Potter, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron.

He has performed on the stages of the main European countries as well as in South America, Japan and the United States. He is the only Italian musician to have played several times and recorded in his name in the reknown "Village Vanguard" in New York.

Antonio Solimene

He is the professor in charge of the coordination of jazz arrangement and ear training courses and responsible for the two-year second cycle of academic courses in jazz arrangement and composition at the St. Louis College of Music in Rome, at the same structure in which he is a member of the Academic Council and the evaluation committee.

Together with the educational activity, he also performs as orchestra director. Since 2008 he has been director of different orchestral formations, Saint Louis College of Music's big bands and combos, in Rome. Since 1993 he has conducted the TMJB (Tribunal Mist Jazz Band) with which he has performed in numerous concerts both in Italy (Perugia, "Umbria Jazz" from 2003 to 2013, ) and abroad (Paris, "Le Petit Journal"; New York, "UN Theatre"). He has also conducted mediaset's rhythmic – symphonic orchestra for Sony Music and the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

He has recorded several records, among the most representative:
"Eneiro" as composer and pianist for Ricordi Records.
“Napoli Standard” “Authorized notes” “Piedigrotta

Ramberto Ciammarughi

Pianist and composer born in Assisi, he began his activity in the early 80s playing alone and in trio in a large number of Italian jazz clubs. For years he has counted numerous participations at the main jazz festivals and music festivals in Italy and abroad.

We remember several editions of "Umbria Jazz", "Ravenna Jazz" and various editions of the most important Roman festivals. In recent years he has collaborated, on several occasions, with the best Italian musicians, and boasts some participations in concerts and in the recording studio, with important foreign artists: Randy Brecker, Billy Cobham, Steve Grossman, John Clark, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmie Owens and others. In 2004 he is present in the Miroslav Vitous quartet together with B. Mintzer, A. Nussbaum, D. Gottlieb, M. Giammarco. He has played several times abroad: Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka), Switzerland, France, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Singapore, Luxembourg,

Pierpaolo Principato

Musician and teacher graduated in jazz at the L. Refice Conservatory in Frosinone (I and II cycle). Professor and coordinator of didactics for Harmony studies courses , Jazz Piano, Piano and Keyboards at Saint Louis College of Music, in which he is also a member of the Academic Council.

Alongside the didactic activity, he combines the concert activity. Since 1988, the ten-year collaboration with the guitarist Francesco Bruno, with whom in addition to performing live on Italian and foreign tours, in 1992 he created "El Lugar", the album also published abroad by "Prestige", which sees the presence of the American rock star Richie Havens; in 1997 as pianist, keyboardist and co-arranger the album "Ouarzazat" recorded with Agostino Marangolo and Gigi De Rienzo; in 1999 "Matarièh"; in 2002 “Jamila” with the collaboration of “Agricantus” in favor of the Emergency project by Gino Strada, in 2003 “Huacapù”, in 2008 “Le Parole Altre. The Long Journey of Tiziano Terzani "

Marco D'Angelo

Marco D'Angelo teaches at Saint Louis College of Music and still works as a vocalist in several television broadcasts, collaborating with important masters and conductors.

He worked and toured with Renato Zero, on "world tour" with Eros Ramazzotti and Giorgia. He collaborated, again as a vocalist, at the Sanremo festival from 1993 to 2009.

Since 1997, he has composed, together with Marco Rinalduzzi and Massimo Calabrese, some songs for Alex Baroni, accompanying him on tour. Since 2008 he has participated in all editions of "Ti lascio una canzone" on Rai 1. He was Vocal Coach in Noemi's team on "The Voice-Italy" and with Emma at "Amici" in the 2015/2016 edition.

Luigi Giannatempo

Awarded in various competitions of Composition and Jazz Arrangement (Barga Jazz, "Writing in Jazz" by Sassari, "Euro Jazz Writing Contest" in Paris, Roccella Ionica, scholarship of the Manhattan School of Music in New York) he composed and arranged for symphony orchestras, string quartets, Jazz Orchestras, choirs, string orchestras, brass quintets.

His pieces have been performed in Italy, France, China, United States, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, England by ensembles such as: the Jazz Orchestra of Sardinia, the Orchestra of the "Veneto Jazz" festival with: John Mosca, The Euro Jazz Big Band ”in Paris; the Chicago Jazz ensemble, the Western Illinois University Big Band, the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, the Big Band of the Superior Conservatory of Music of La Coruna (Spain), the Rhythm-Symphony Orchestra of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Symphony Orchestra of Province of Bari, The Magna Graecia Symphony Orchestra,

Maurizio Giammarco

Protagonist of Jazz in Italy since the early 1970s (as also attested by the prestigious Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz by Leonard Feather & Ira Gitler), Maurizio Giammarco is an established saxophone soloist, composer, arranger and leader of historical groups: from Lingomania ( considered the most representative group of the 1980s), at the Parco Della Musica Jazz Orchestra (PMJO), a big band residing at the Auditorium in Rome and directed by him between 2005 and 2010.

His work for large ensembles has recently continued with three projects for the Sicilian Jazz Orchestra of the Mediterranean (Cieli di Sicilia, The Bach Open Project: Vie di Fuga, Brazil by Maria Pia De Vito). With a deep knowledge of all historical jazz and a long experience in other musical fields (he was also part of the contemporary Ensemble of the Parco Della Musica), Giammarco boasts a recognizable style on the piano

Umberto Fiorentino

As leader and sideman he had collaborated with big names such as: Paolo Fresu, Palle Daniellson, Michael Brecker, Enrico Rava, Aldo Romano, Mike Stern, Vinnie Colaiuta, Albert Mangelsdorff, Bruno Tommaso, Paolo Damiani, Enzo Pietropaoli, Flavio Boltro, Furio di Castri, Manu Roche, Rita Marcotulli, Fabrizio Sferra, Greg Burk, Ares Tavolazzi, Fabio Zeppetella and many others.

As leader he had formations with organic from duo to quintet in which they played among others: Ramberto Ciammarughi, Fabrizio Sferra, Gianluca Renzi, Dario Deidda, Enzo Pietropaoli, Luca Pirozzi, Stefano Sastro, Stefano D'Anna, Francesco Puglisi, John Arnold , Massimo Manzi. In the 80s he was part of the "Lingomania" group (with Giammarco / Rea / Pietropaoli / Gatto), a historic group awarded in 1985 and 1987 by the national criticism referendum organized by the magazine "Musica Jazz" in the category "Best Italian Jazz group.

Luca Bulgarelli

He was born in Abruzzo in 1972 and studied Electric Bass and Double Bass.
He won a scholarship at the prestigious University of Siena Jazz in 1992 and graduated in Double Bass at the Conservatory of Campobasso in 1997.
He has played in many of the most important Jazz Festivals in the world: Perugia, Pescara, Rome, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Paris, Lion, Porto, Malaga, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Budapest, Copenhagen, New York, Washington DC, Beijing , Algiers, Montreal, Den Haag, Luxemburg, Brussels, Warsaw, Tokyo, Shanghai, New Delhi, Goa, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Helsinky, Tallin, Bergen, Istanbul, Wien, Basel, Zurich.
He has collaborated in studio and live with numerous artists recording over 70 albums: Enrico Pieranunzi, Roberto Gatto, Maurizio Giammarco, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Rita Marcotulli, Mariapia De Vito, Danilo Rea, Nicola Stilo, Rosario Giuliani, Stefano Bollani,

Alessandro Quiz

He began studying classical piano at the age of 8; in 1979 he performed live for the first time, on the occasion of the “Roman Summer” festival. At 16 he approaches jazz and improvised music; in the same period he began to deepen the use of the synthesizer and electronic keyboards.

Since 1988 he has been through intense professional works in both the pop and jazz music area. He has been a member of the "Aires Tango" group since its foundation; in 2006 he released his first solo work, entitled "Alessandro Gwis", in trio with Luca Pirozzi and Armando Sciommeri.
Collaborations: Aires Tango, with Javier Girotto, Marco Siniscalco and Michele Rabbia (from 94 to today), Gege 'Telesforo (from 94 to 2004), Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Enrico Rava, Gianni Coscia, Jazz Orchestra of Palermo “Triangle music ”, Peppe Servillo, Ben Sidran, Roberto Ottaviano, Paolo

Giacomo Anselmi

He graduated at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California. There, the 20-year-old guitarist studied rock guitar with Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Jennifer Batten, Bruce Bouillet, T.J. Helmerich, Greg Howe among others. Score reading for guitarists with David Oakes.

In between his collaborations, can be found: Sanremo 2009 Nicky Nicolai and Stefano di Battista, Goblin Rebirth, Amii Stewart, Sanremo 2007 Amalia Grè, Gavin Harrison, Mick Karn, Gazebo, Mario Lavezzi, CET di Mogol, Audio 2, Federico Salvatore, Rita Forte, Nuove Tribù Zulu, Giorgio Panariello, Roberto Giglio, David Colaiacomo, Karl Potter, Enrico Capuano, Sandro Giacobbe, Peppino Di Capri, Claudio Baglioni, Antonello Venditti, Renato Zero and others.
And also the most recent albums and feats with Organ Tribe, Baba Yoga, Barock Project, Code C, Andrea Ra, Goblin Rebirth, Aidan Zammit, Gorilla Pulp, Ellesmere, Ceronius.

Endorsement: Ibanez guitars, Mezzabarba amps & Masotti guitar devices, Reference Cables,

Serena Brancale

She managed to catch the general public with her participation in the Sanremo Festival, 2015 edition, where she presented a refined version of her song "Galleggiare", contained in the album of the same name released with WARNER MUSIC ITALY.

Her incredible voice and talent let many personalities of the music industries captivated, her vocals led her to great featuring performances on some of the best Italian and worldwilde stages: tour with Il Volo (2016), with Mario Biondi (2017), Filippo Timi, Raphael Gualazzi and also Enzo Gragnaniello (2020).

On 2018 took part of the Carlo Avarello's team "ISOLA DEGLI ARTISTI".

Gifted with a dark and versatile voice, in this new distinctly neo-soul project, with her creativity travels across different styles: from funk to jazz, passing through R'n'B and tapping on Rap and also embracing the sounds from the electronic music.

Gianfranco Gullotto

There are people in life that you have not seen for a very long time, in relation to the time that passes and passes quickly, but you know that they are always there and that it is always a mutual pleasure to feel.
One of these people for me is Gianfranco Gullotto, saying historical teacher of Basso is reductive, although absolutely true, given how many high-level bass players have "passed" for his lessons.
What struck me from the first moment of this good giant is the sincere availability and passion that shines through not only his words, but also from his movements and actions.
An authentic and passionate musician with whom I share one of the characteristics that I most appreciate in mankind: enthusiasm!

He is one of my historical Endorsers (Markbass, of course) since few believed that those amps could become anything good in the world, he always had a word of encouragement because

William Stravato

He began studying classical guitar at the age of 14 with M°Antonio D'Augello, then continued the study of modern guitar as a self-taught for many years until he met guitarist Rocco Zifarelli who directed him towards the jazz-fusion style. In November 1996, he obtained a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, with a thesis in English literature at the Roma3 University in Rome'. In 1997, he attended the Guitar Institute of Technology department of the famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he had the opportunity to study and play with: Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio, Allen Hinds, Carl Verheyan, Mike Miller, Brett Garsed, T.J. Helmerich, Steve Trovato, Jeff Richman, Joey Tafolla, Allen Hinds, Dave Hill and attend seminars with Mike Stern, Frank Gambale, Don Mock.

Studio and live session musician with experiences that have got him to work in Europe and the United States.

Paolo Damiani

Composer, orchestra conductor, double bass player and cellist, teacher. Graduated in Architecture at the Università di Roma. He graduated in double bass and jazz music, he built his academic background studying composition and instrument with Bruno Tommaso, Giorgio Gaslini, Franco Sbacco, Lucio Buccarella, Giorgio Pani, Fernando Grillo, Giuseppe Selmi, Frances Marie Uitti.
In September 1999 he was appointed artistic and musical director of the ONJ – The french Orchestre Nationale de Jazz -, the first foreign artist to win the competition. Paolo Damiani remained at the helm of the prestigious team until September 2002, playing throughout Europe and recording in studio for the well-known German record label ECM.
From 1996 to 1999 he chaired the AMJ (National Association of Jazz Musicians). Since 1982 he has directed the International Jazz Festival "Mediterranean Rumors" of Roccella Jonica, since 1998 that of Rome "A fertile land" together with Armand Meignan.

Michele Papadia

In addition to classical and mainly jazz studies, at the same time as his architecture university studies, he specialized in various aspects of African American music (jazz, blues, gospel, funk, soul, nusoul, pop, live eletronics). He attended the summer seminars of Siena Jazz '94 and '95 and the same year he won a scholarship and attended the three-year high professional qualification for jazz musicians funded by the EEC at Siena Jazz. He studies with D'Andrea and Pieranunzi.

He later specialized at the Berklee School Of Music in Boston. He attended seminars among others with K. Barron, Shirley Scott, P. Metheny, D. Liebman, Ray Brown. Deep connoisseur of African American music, in particular of all Black Music, he is among the most requested European pianists / hammondists in the USA, carrying out a musical discourse that blends the various aspects of African American music with European music and contemporary music.

Roberto Giglio

Roman singer-songwriter, arranger and producer, he collaborates with many artists, ranging from pop music to jazz and also theater (Patty Pravo, Sergio Cammariere, Gigi Proietti, Rodolfo Laganà, Greg, Alan Sorrenti, Enrico Pieranunzi, Saturnino, Simone Cristicchi) and participates in events of national importance and television broadcasts (Sanremo Festival, May Day Concert, “Parla con Me (Talk to me)” hosted by Serena Dandini).
From 2001 to 2002 he was artistic director for the singer Patty Pravo, for which he produced the album "Radio Station", following his participation in the 2002 Sanremo Festival, with the song "L’immenso".
As part of the recordings of the album, in Brazil, he coordinated international musicians in the studio including Jaques Morelenbaum and Arthur Maia, and collaborated also with the percussionist and artistic producer Marcelo Costa.
In 2003 he participated in the Sanremo Festival as a singer-songwriter, with the song "Cento Cose" (15 thousand copies sold of the single and track

Lello Panico

Guitarist, composer, songwriter and teacher. Throughout his career, he has played everything, from rock to jazz, from Brazilian music to fusion and funk, to happily return to the sound of blues and the language of soul music, his first and immense love, with awareness and conviction of the principle, in which he truly believes, that an electric guitar, before anything else, plays the Blues.

Concerts and artistic collaborations: Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Russel Ferrante, Tollak Ollestad, Gary Novak, Reggie Hamilton, Rick Margitza, John Patitucci, Joey Calderazzo, Luca Trolli, Dario Deidda, Enzo Pietropaoli, Danilo Rea, Massimo Urbani, Fabio Morgera, Flavio Boltro, Roberto Gatto, Umberto Fiorentino, Deitra Farr, Ptah Brown, Chicago Beau, Tony Scott, Guy Antony, Tim Fritz, Cristiano Micalizzi, Shawn Logan, Francesco Puglisi, Joseph Lepore, Maria Pia De Vito , Mina, Fausto Mesolella e tanti altri.
Festival: Atina Jazz,

Lorenzo Tucci

Lorenzo Tucci is one of the most requested Italian drummers. His eclecticism and enormous talent have allowed him to become the inevitable music partner of numerous Jazz stars.
He has a list of numerous successful albums, including: Sparkle, Tranety, Touch, Drumonk, Lunar, Drumpet,written to name a few projects in which he demonstrates the ability to express himself in very different formations.
Along with Fabrizio Bosso and Daniele Scannapieco he was the founder of the High Five quintet considered for years the best Italian jazz formation, at their active six CDs including a live session recorded at The Blue Note in Tokyo, one of the temples of jazz world.
In 2006, with the High Five quintet, "Handful of soul" was recorded with crooner Mario Biondi and over 500,000 copies were sold worldwide.

Vincenzo Presta

He began studying clarinet at a very young age and in 1992 he graduated from the Tito Schipa Conservatory of Lecce. He successfully participates in various national chamber music competitions and master classes. Approaching jazz, he extends his knowledge of this musical genre by deepening the study of jazz sax with Maurizio Giammarco and Rosario Giuliani, graduating in Jazz Music in 1998 and obtaining in 2007 at the Niccolà Piccinni Conservatory of Bari the II level Academic Diploma in " Music Disciplines - Jazz Music Course ".
From 1998 on he participated in various competitions (“Massimo Urbani” Prize, “W il jazz” International Competition) and advanced courses (Roman Academy of Music, Terni in Jazz, Umbria Jazz Clinics 1998/2001); follows seminars with musicians such as Giovanni Tommaso, Danilo Rea, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Enzo Pietropaoli, Fabio Zeppetella, Fabrizio Sferra, Daniele Scanna

Dario Zeno

Fascinated since he was a child by the world of sounds, he began studying classical piano very soon, this led him, in 2004, to successfully complete the study path at the Lorenzo Perosi Conservatory in Campobasso. At the same time, as the passion for the world of synths, electronics and samplers grew more and more, he immersed himself in the study of jazz.

Although it is precisely jazz that will later lead him to play in numerous festivals with national and international artists and to win several awards for best composer, best soloist, best band, he still is not able to define his musical genre of action.

Stefano Sabatini

A versatile and refined pianist and inspired composer, Stefano Sabatini began to make his first experiences in the jazz field by forming the group "Kaleidon" and playing with Tony Scott, Massimo Urbani and Maurizio Giammarco.

He then moved to Los Angeles where he attended, later graduating, the composition and arrangement course at the Dick Grove School of Music. Also in Los Angeles he recorded an album under his name with Californian musicians including Chester Thompson (formerly part of Weather Report and Frank Zappa), among others.

After 6 years in the States, he returned to Rome and later joined the first formation of "Lingomania" (with Maurizio Giammarco, Flavio Boltro, Furio Di Castri and Roberto Gatto). The group was voted "Best Group of the Year" by Musica Jazz magazine and was awarded at "Radio Uno Sera Jazz".

He is also part of the groups of Massimo Urbani, Giovanni Tommaso and Tullio de Piscopo and plays

Nico Stufano

He has participated in numerous jazz festivals as leader and collaborated with various Italian and international musicians. He has held Master Classes on "Contemporary Improvisation" in Italy and abroad at Accredited Conservatories and Music's Schools. He has collaborated with the "mensile chitarristico Axe" with columns on technique and improvisation and participated in television broadcasts Rai, Mediaset, TMC.
Among his important collaborations, can be highlighted some of his Jazz collaborations with: Guy Barker, Maurice Magnoni, Maurizio Giammarco, Roberto Gatto, Paolino Dalla Porta, Antonio Faraò, Christian Meyer, Rosario Giuliani, Javier Girotto, Umberto Fiorentino, Dario Deidda, Fabrizio Sferra, Ettore Fioravanti, Pippo Matino, John Arnold, Roberto Ottaviano, etc. Pop Collaborations: Mario Rosini, Rossana Casale, Nada, Marco Armani, Tosca, Michele Marmo, Cristiano Malgioglio, Mimmo Cavallo, Jim Porto, Emilio Solfrizzi, Antonio Stornatolo.

Antonio Affrunti

In 1989 he enrolled in the SAINT LOUIS JAZZ SCHOOL where he studied guitar with U. Fiorentino and harmony with B. Tommaso. In 1993 he graduated from the University of Music, where he studied with: M. Lazzaro, F. Zeppetella, N. Puglielli, A. Avena and M. Fedeli.

In '96 he founded with other musicians the "KRISAORA" electric jazz quintet with which he participated in the second edition of the "ARCORE in Jazz" review, at the "APRILIA JAZZ FEST 96", won the second edition of the "LUCUS FAERONIE" jazz competition organized by G.TOMMASO and participates in the "MENTANA festival '97".

In addition to having worked in the theater, he works as a session player in the field of pop music collaborating with, among others: B. Baranowski SNZA, M. Sannia, D. Evangelista, T. Rivale, F. Ferrato.

Luca Spagnoletti

He studies transverse flute with M. Eckstain and E. Casularo, composition with D. Guaccero, composition and electronic music with G. Nottoli. He writes in the monthly magazines “Fare Musica”, “Cubase mag”, “Plug in” and is constantly engaged in seminars and demonstrations on Midi electronic instruments.

He has performed in concert in Italy and abroad collaborating with numerous contemporary musicians (Berio, Curran, Lacy, Colombo, Schiaffini); he participated in festivals as composer and creator of electronic art (Ars Elettronica Linz, Arte elettronica Camerino, Villa Medici Roma, Rumori Mediterraneo Roccella Ionica, Musica Verticale Roma, Roma Europa Festival).

Natalio Mangalavite

Pianist, percussionist, singer, arranger and composer. Latin jazz, pop, ethno-folk and electronic. Born in Cordoba, Argentina, he studied singing and music (Escuela de niños cantores de Córdoba); classical piano at the Provincial Conservatory of his city; jazz piano, composition and arrangements with Prof. Luis Vecchio in the Escuela Canaria de Jazz (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

He left his homeland in 1982, in search of new life and sound horizons. In Rio de Janeiro, he makes his first stop, realized that his "Latinity" can support him even outside South America and decided to move to Europe. He later will live in Madrid and Las Palmas where he studies and works with local musicians in the Compagnia Canaria de Teatro. Short stop also in Senegal where he studied Afro percussion.

His Sicilian roots lead him to visit Italy, a country he will not leave until today. He has been working and living since 1985

Federico Malaman

Federico Malaman, is one of the greatest Italian talents of the electric bass currently in circulation. In addition to being an extraordinary bass player with a very advanced technique, he is also a sought-after double bass player and arranger.

He has collaborated with artists such as Paolo Belli, Elio e le storie tese, Mario Biondi and many others.
A creative and tireless musician, Federico continues to be divided between recording studios, Jazz Festivals, TV shows and international music festivals.

The popularity of Federico on the Web is absolutely noteworthy: thanks to his amazing virtuosity, combined with an innate sympathy and communication skills, he has become a real star, establishing himself as a prominent teacher and musician among the most followed.

Luigi Zaccheo

Pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger and music producer. Computer music expert, he has a long experience in the field of electronic musical instruments and musical technologies related to sound design and music production.
He has collaborated as a musician, producer and / or sound technician with numerous artists, including Federico Salvatore, Tiziano Ferro, Valeria Rossi, Alyce, Nicola Piovani, Ennio Morricone, Antonio Pennacchi, Maurizio Battista, Daniele Vit, Andrea Febo, Gigi D ' Alessio, Elsa Lila, Lollipop, Adriano De Pasquale and with record labels and video production companies, including BMG Ariola, EMI Music, SONY Music, Arancia Records, Azzurra Music, DFV, Medusa Film, Kubla Khan.
He composed and / or produced the original music for: "Rome, an infinite story" with Carlo Verdone (1998 - HTC Village), "Senzafilter" by and with Articolo 31 (2001 - Medusa), "SuperStizion" by Luciano Federico (2002),

Claudio Mastracci

After nearly twenty years of activity, also held in the recording studio and on tour with various artists, Claudio Mastracci moved to the United States at the end of 1987, where he studied and graduated from the Drummers Collective in New York City. After attending the Collective for over four years as a student, he began collaborating with DCI Music Videos in 1991 as a consultant and translator of some of the most important educational videos for drums, bass and guitar; this collaboration later extends to Warner Bros.

From the beginning of 1996 he joined the teaching group of the Drummers Collective, also providing his collaboration to the newest of the divisions of the New York school: the Bass Collective. From '93 onwards he divides himself between the United States and Italy, to participate in an innumerable series of television productions with the various orchestras of RAI and the Mediaset group,

Fabrizio Angelini

11:34:59 Europe/Rome

Collaborations: WEB "Web", 1997 (at the TITANIA studios, Rome); Elettrojoyce "Illumina", Epic Sonymusic, 2000 (At the ACME recording studio, Rome); Egoricarica "l.r.e.v.m" (together with Gaetano Ria, at the STRANI RUMORI studio, Tr (PG)) (2001). And then at the ACME recording studio: Johnny Dorelli, Simone Patrizi, Silver Blu, Anima, Vanessa, Bugs, Stefano Pavan, Carlo Delicati, Black dhalia confession, Destir, Punch & Judy, Radio one, Andrea Terrinoni, Sorci verdi, Sta

Luca Proietti

Musician, composer, sound engineer, sound designer and teacher of computer science focused in music production, he has been active professionally since 1985.
In his thirty years of experience as a teacher of computer music, he has worked both in private faculties and in courses funded by the Regione Lazio and the European Union.
He is currently coordinator of the academic course of Sound Technology, at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.
As a composer and musician, he loves the encounter between different cultures and traditions, often mixed with electronic sonorities; characteristics that emerge in most of his compositions, many of which were used as commentary music on radio and television broadcasts for the main publishers and networks (Rai Trade, RTI-Mediaset, Flippermusic, GDM Music).
The love for "World Music" led him to collaborate with the likes of Natacha Atlas and Gabin Dabiré and to be part of the "Italia Migrante" formation

Cristina Zavalloni,

"I wanted to be a dancer but I would never give up on music: I've been singing all my life since I was little.
Whether it's writing for my jazz groups, playing a Britten or Monteverdi opera, singing in a big room or a small club, creating new roles like Anaïs Nin, Sor Juana or the others written for me by composer Louis Andriessen, I always approach music with respect.

In so many years, I have learned to move in musical worlds seemingly distant from each other and if they ask me how to switch from jazz to opera, I reply that it is a problem of rehearsal times and schedules, never of music.
I love the historical twentieth century, a repertoire that I have been exhibiting for years in duo with Andrea Rebaudengo and now also with Gabriele Mirabassi and Danusha Waskiewicz. Songs like Berio's Folk Songs, Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire, Poulenc's La Voix Humaine have become part of me.
And when I play with the

Silvio Relandini

Graduated in Environmental and Resource Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, a musician, he has dedicated himself professionally to music technologies since the age of 17. Since 1995 he has regularly held courses and seminars throughout Italy at public institutions, reviews, festivals, High Music Specialization Courses, conferences, on the following topics: Sound Science, Electronic Music Notation, Sound Synthesis and Sampling, Computer Aided Composition Systems , Virtual Orchestration, Sound Designing, Sound Engineering and of course Musical Informatics.

He was artistic director of numerous ancient music, jazz and dance festivals in the years 1996-2004, in the cities of Rome, Camerino, Gradara, Assisi, Bevagna (PG), Ceccano (FR) proposing a total of over 300 concerts and performances. of dance. As

Claudio Colasazza

CLAUDIO COLASAZZA, pianist, born in Messina on 31/10/1963, studied at the "NICCOLO’ PICCINNI "Conservatory in Bari for a few years, later dedicating himself to JAZZ and modern music. He has been a member of the SIAE for over 30 years as a composer, creating music of various genres (jazz, melodic, etc.). He was the winner for two consecutive years of scholarships at the SIENA JAZZ advanced courses (3rd level) as best pianist. He is a lecturer at S.L.M.C. jazz piano since 1998.

COLLABORATIONS: Lou Blackburne, Joy Garrison, Tony Scott, Ralph Moore, Etta Jones, Houston Person, Mark Murphy, James Moody, Steve Potts, Renato Zero, Giorgia, Trombe Rosse (Massimo Nunzi), Gianluca Guidi, Walter Martino, Massimo Urbani, Daniela Velli, Giorgio Rosciglione, Marco Fratini, Stefano Di Battista, Aldo Bassi, Rosario Giuliani, Remo Silvestro, Pietro Jodice, Amedeo Ariano, Dario Deidda, Sandro Deidda, Enzo

Cristiano Mastroianni

Guitarist and composer. He began his professional career in the jazz field towards the end of the 90s collaborating as a sideman and leader with numerous artists of international caliber with whom he recorded and performed in concerts, festivals, theaters in every corner of Italy (including Daniele Tittarelli, Roberto Gatto, Greg Osby, Pietro Lussu, Matt Renzi, Marco Valeri, Pietro Ciancaglini, Tony Scott, Claudio Corvini, Alice Ricciardi, Vincenzo Florio and many others).

Parallel to his intense concert and recording activity, he carries on a fervent didactic activity teaching in numerous schools in the capital and since the early 2000s he has been the titular teacher of jazz guitar, improvisation and music labs at Saint Louis College of Music.

Adriano Melchiorre

Adriano Melchiorre studied piano, clarinet, composition, band instrumentation and conducting in Rome at the Santa Cecilia State Conservatory of Music, continuing his studies with J.Bodmer and L.Bernstein. He participated in the composition and choir conducting courses at the Fiesole Music School. He also studied and took exams in History of Music and Ethnomusicology at the Faculty of Letters of the University La Sapienza of Rome.

Active as conductor, composer and transcriber, he has directed important orchestral formations in Italy and abroad such as the Orchestra of the Academy of S. Cecilia in Rome, the Solisti di S.Cecilia, the Symphony Orchestra of the RAI in Rome. and from Naples, the Abruzzese Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Lyric Theater of Cagliari, the Bari Symphony Orchestra, the Bacau Philharmonic Orchestra, the Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestra

Eddy Palermo

An internationally renowned guitarist with a jazz training background, his style is rooted in jazz guitar classics enriched with a completely personal evolution.
Although he has always worked as a leader of Trios or Quartets, is not of little importance to recall some of his main collaborations with jazz legends such as Chet Baker, George Coleman, Billy Smith, David Samborn, George Garzone, Tony Scot, Jim Hall, Bucky Pizzarelli, Joe Pass. Thanks to the latter, he cultivated a great inspiration for the "guitar solo".

He has also collaborated with great Italian names such as Bruno Martino, Rosario Giuliani, Stefano Di Battista, Niky Nicolai, Nunzio Rotondo, Roberto Gatto, Romano Mussolini, Massimo Urbani and others.

Always a lover of bossa nova, in 1998 he moved to Brazil for a few years where, in addition to developing his own style, which is a fusion between jazz culture and Brazilian rhythms, he collaborated with some greats of that music: Mauricio Einhorn

Marzia Bulli

Drummer by passion, graduated by profession at Saint Louis College of Music in the academic year 2006/07 as Sound Engineer and MIDI Programmer.

She collaborated with Ghostrack Recording Studio for the following 12 months after her graduation and finally joined Digital Records where, as assistant studio manager, under the guidance of Goffredo Gibellini, she had the opportunity to collaborate with Masters such as A. Guerra, A. Molinari, N. Piovani, N. Tescari, G. Taviani, F. Piersanti, G. Bacalov.
She currently teaches phonia and recording studio techniques at Saint Louis College of Music.

Daniele Chiantese

He began studying drums at the age of eight with Bruno Rizza; subsequently he enrolled at Saint Louis College of Music, where he perfected himself under the guidance of Claudio Mastracci. He also studied with Maurizio De Lazzaretti, Pietro Iodice, Maurizio Boco, Gianni Oddi, Daniele Di Gregorio, Giorgio Gaslini, Valentino Di Bella.

As a session man he has live and studio collaborations with Italian and international artists: Matthew Garrison, Bob Franceschini, Brett Garsed, Guthrie Govan, Dominic Di Piazza, Wojtek Pilichowski, Marek Raduli, Andreas Martelle, Ben Macdonald, Salvatore Russo, Saturnino, Daniele Di Gregorio, Achille Succi, Roberto Bonati, Pippo Matino, Rocco Zifarelli, Giulio Martino, Marco Brioschi, Giovanni Imparato, Alfredo Paixao, Davide Pannozzo, 4MX, Paolo Licastro, Peppe Barra, Dan Moretti, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Daniele Sepe, Riccardo Tesi, Vincenzo Zitiello. He has been the drummer for ten years

Elisabetta Antonini

The first Italian artist to sign with the prestigious British label "Candid", produced by the historical record producer Alan Bates, with which she won the "Top Jazz 2014" for Best New Talent and obtained the fourth place for Best Album of the Year according to the annual referendum of the most important specialized critics in Italy proclaimed by the Musica Jazz magazine.
Singer and band leader, arranger and composer, she studies jazz vocality and deepens the jazz style and language in the United States and Italy with the most prominent international figures, she graduates in Jazz cum magna laude, developing her own style, sophisticated and elegant , and a deep and original musical approach.
Very active in the jazz scene, she participates in reviews and festivals in Europe, Asia and South America, presenting a vast repertoire ranging from American Songbook to contemporary jazz and collaborating with internationally renowned names such as Kenny Wheeler,

Paolo Silvestri

Paolo SilvestriBiografia ARRANGIAMENTO JAZZ, TECNICHE COMPOSITIVE JAZZ, TECNICHE COMPOSITIVE POP-ROCKPAOLO SILVESTRI, nell’83 si diploma in pianoforte presso il Conservatorio N. Paganini di Genova, dall’81 all’86 studia composizione con Sylvano Bussotti alla Scuola di musica di Fiesole e nel 95 vince il Concorso Internazionale di Composizione e Arrangiamento per orchestra jazz di Barga . Attualmente svolge...

Alice Ricciardi

“I love voices: Jeanne Lee, Abbey Lincoln, Mahalia Jackson, Chris Connor, Christine Correa, Sara Serpa, Alice Ricciardi” – RAN BLAKE Pianist / Composer / MacArthur Genius Grant
“A master phraser with a fresh point of view, Ricciardi is alternately surrealistic and swinging” – TED PANKEN (DownBeat Magazine)

Alice Ricciardi, singer and composer, was born in Milan and currently lives in Rome. Music has always been part of her life, since at the age of seven, attending the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, she began studying violin.

From 1995 to 1999 he studied singing at the International Academy of Jazz Music in Milan directed by Enrico Intra and Franco Cerri. Later he specialized with the American singer Rachel Gould in Italy, and with the legendary pianist Ran Blake in Boston. In 2002 he obtained the European diploma "F.N.E.I.J" (Fèdèration Nationale des Ecoles d’Influence Jazz and

Marti Jane Robertson

She began her career as a sound engineer in 1977 in her hometown, Seattle. Under the expert guidance of Peter B. Lewis, learning the secrets of radio and television post-production. A year later, her love for music and a desire to grow professionally led her to move to New York City, where she was hired as an assistant at Automated Sound Studios, one of the most important jingle and recording studios of the 1970s and 1980s.
Led by engineers like Elliot Scheiner and Artie Friedman, and working daily with the country's most talented musicians and producers, her career progresses rapidly. Two and a half years later, at 22, Marti left the Automated Sound staff to pursue his freelance career. He starts working regularly in historical studios such as A&R and The Power Station (which becomes Avatar), The Hit Factory and Skyline,

Marco Siniscalco

Bassist, arranger, composer.

He has worked and currently works with various artists of the Italian and international jazz and pop scene, including Javier Girotto, Fabrizio Bosso, Gegè Telesforo, Peppe Servillo, Paolo Di Sabatino, George Garzone, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Ralph Towner, Susanna Stivali, Francesco Bearzatti, Kenny Wheeler, Paul McCandless, Randy Brecker, Antonello Salis, Marcello Rosa, Barbara Casini, Fabio Concato, Carmen Consoli, Fiorella Mannoia, Dulce Pontes , Patty Smith, Il Volo, Claudio Baglioni, Gianni Morandi, Alex Baroni, Christian De Sica, Marina Rei, Chiara Civello, Nada, Karima.

Active in the live scene and recording studios, he played with the RAI Orchestra (in Rome from 1988 onwards and at various Sanremo Festivals), collaborating with Peppe Vessicchio, Gianni Ferrio, Pippo Caruso, and accompanying the likes of George Benson, Michael Bolton and Mireille Mathieu.
Moreover, since 1994 it has been

Michel Audisso

He is a French multi-instrumentist and composer who has resided permanently in Italy since 1980, where he mainly performs his concert activity playing in numerous theatrical and contemporary dance performances, light music and dedicating himself, above all, to jazz music.

Below, a summary of his main collaborations.
Theater and dance: "Leggero, light" (92/93) directed by Gigi Proietti, "Arcobaleno" (93/94) directed by Antonio Calenda and Gino Landi, "The man who invented television" (97) directed by Pietro Garinei, “La Fabula di Orfeo” (95/97), “Tango Eros” (98/99), “L'Orfeo dei pazzi” (2000/2001) “Oxytoc” (97/98) choreography by Patrick King. In these shows he collaborated with masters such as Mario Vicari, Gianni Ferrio, Germano Mazzocchetti, Pop music: Rettore (81), Nada (86), Tony Cicco (87/88). - Jazz music: Birds of Underground 10tet (82/84), Nexus (83), Ishtar 5tet (82/86), Riccardo Lay 7t

Amedeo Tommasi

He was born in Trieste on 1 December 1935. At the age of six he began studying the piano by taking private lessons from a classical teacher. At 17 he forms a trio (piano, bass and drums) with which in '59 he participates in the Jazz Cup, a national competition organized by RAI, and, despite being unknown to most, he ranks third in Italy among modern style groups .
Amedeo Tommasi has played with many jazz great names, including: Chet Baker, Massimo Urbani, Giovanni Tommaso, Roberto Gatto, Franco Mondini, René Thomas, Bobby Jaspar, Jaques Pelzer.
In Rome, he was hired as an arranger by RCA Italiana and collaborated with numerous arrangers and singers including: Ennio Morricone, Rita Pavone, Mikis Teodorakis, Gianni Morandi, Lucio Dalla, Antonello Venditti, Riccardo Cocciante, Renato Zero. In the '60s he collaborated with the director Pupi Avati, composing the music of several of his films.

Andrea Avena

Double bass and bass player, composer and arranger. In 1986 he won the "New Talents" competition called by RAI3 as best new talent (electric bass and double bass); in 1990 he won, together with the group "Tetracolors", the 1st prize at the competition for new formations in Forlì; was a finalist in Barga's international composition and arrangement competition for jazz orchestra in the editions '88, '89, '90, '96; in 1998, he was a finalist in the international composition competition "Scrivere in Jazz" in Sassari. Winner of the 2009 Opera Imaie Prize.

He has collaborated with Lester Bowie, Kirk Lightsey, Manhu Roche, Don Moye, Massimo Urbani, Maurizio Giammarco, Javier Girotto, Paolo Ravaglia, Bill Smith, Antonello Salis, Massimo Manzi, Ettore Fioravanti, Gianluigi Trovesi, Gunther Schuller, Andrew Homzy.

Luigi Onori

Graduated in Modern Literature in 1981 at the La Sapienza University of Rome with the thesis The birth of the third page in Italian newspapers.

Professor of Italian, History-Citizenship and Geography in the lower secondary state school since 1984. In 2001-2002 he attended the Postgraduate Course in Intercultural Education (University of Roma Tre - Faculty of Education).

He has been a member of the Order of Journalists (list of publicists) since 1984.

He collaborated regularly with the Casa del Jazz of the municipality of Rome from 2005 to 2010 and in 2014-2015, with the realization of cycles of meetings with authors and musicians.

Professor in charge of "History of jazz, improvised and audio-tactile music" (formerly "History of Jazz Music - History and analysis of the jazz repertoire") from the 2006-2007 academic year at the State Conservatory "Licinio Refice" in Frosinone.
History courses in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016

Mario Gagliani

Graduated in Composition, Conducting, Choral Music and Choir Direction and Instrumentation for Bands. He also obtained the Diploma of High Specialization in Conducting, with Maestro Donato Renzetti, at the Scuola superiore di musica dell’Accademia of Pescara, with the highest marks.
As a composer he is the author of symphonic, chamber and sacred music, stage music for the theater, as well as music for symphonic bands. His works are performed in Italy and abroad. Winner of composition contests (Di Iorio di Atessa, Boario di Torino, Mottola, etc.), some of his works have been included as compulsory pieces in music competitions.
Parallel to composition, he devoted himself to conducting, working with Italian wind orchestras and orchestras. In 1998, he won the "Maurizio Rinaldi" prize awarded to the best student of the conducting class at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

Paolo Vivaldi

Graduated in Composition at the Satna Cecilia Conservatory in Rome under the guidance of the teacher Teresa Procaccini, he is arranger and composer of music scores for cinema and television, often also taking care of the orchestration of his compositions and taking care of their orchestral conducting during the recording.
In his long filmography, can be recalled: "Maternity Blues" by Fabrizio Cattani (2011), presented at the 68th Venice Film Festival and "Non essere cattivo" by Claudio Calligaris (2016, for which he received the "Colonnesonore.net" Award in 2012 and 2016 respectively.
He received the Sound Award, the only Italian and international award exclusively for composers of film music, sponsored, among others, by the Presidency of the Italian Republic, in 2007 as the best soundtrack for the film “The smile of the last night"

Giuseppe Tortora

Cellist, Composer and Music Consultant, Graduated in Cello at the S. Cecilia Conservatory of Music, in Chamber Music at the S. Cecilia Conservatory of Music, in Jazz music at the A. Casella dell’Aquila Conservatory of Music.
Degree in Music Disciplines with a focus on Jazz, at the A.
Box of the Eagle. Big Band Arrangement Course at the Saint Louis Music School in Rome - Music Event Organization Course in Music, organized by the magazine

In the Pop field he recorded, collaborated and toured for some of the most important authors of Italian song such as: L. Pausini, E. Ramazzotti, Elisa, C. Baglioni, R. Zero, F. Mannoia M. Mengoni, M. Biondi, Max Gazzè, M.Rei, A. Venditti, G. Paoli, A. Celentano, S.Cammariere, Carboni, D. Silvestri.

He was Orchestra Manager for Laura Pausini in the period 2013-2016, for Fiorella Mannoia 2010-2012,

Paolo Guaccero

Graduated in literature, he studied singing with Caio Bascerano and Patrizia Rotonda and classical guitar with Carlo Ciasca. After studying rhythm guitar in Brazil, from 1991 to 2003, he was a singer/guitarist of several Brazilian music formations with which he played in different clubs and events in Italy and abroad.

Always interested in music and electronic instruments, for several years he dedicated himself almost exclusively to Computer Music (realizing, among other things, sound making for art exhibitions and theatrical performances) and after studying HD Recording and Sound Design with Luca Spagnoletti, he graduated in MIDI and Phonia at Saint Louis College of Music.

Since 2004 he has also worked as a sound engineer in various venues in Rome and events in the Roman summer. Since 2005 he has collaborated as a sound engineer with the VD MUSIC Recording Studio (with whom he made live recordings and

Federico Placidi

Federico Placidi studied Double Bass at the Conservatory of St. Cecilia, Composition and Electronic Music at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna.

He studied in Paris at the Center de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX), with Agostino Di Scipio, Trevor Wishart and Curtis Roads.
Together with Matteo Milani, he is the founder of U.S.O. Project aka Unidentified Sound Object.

He has been "artist in residence" at several electronic music institutes in Europe including the Centre de Création Musicale- Iannis Xenakis- (CCMIX) in Paris and the EMS (ElektroMusikStudion) in Stockholm.
He divides his activity between teaching, composition works and live performances.

He has collaborated as a composer and electroacoustic performer with various artists including: Ana Topalovic, Domenico Sciajno, Todd Barton, Andrea Young, Agostino Di Scipio, Alvin Curran, Thoranna Bjornsdottir, Andrea Valle, Natasha

Andrea Proietti

In 2007 he enrolled in the Rock / Blues Guitar Diploma course at the Saint Louis College of Music.
In 2010, his passion for computer science and music technologies led him to enroll in the voice course of the Saint Louis College of Music and he graduated in 2012 with full marks.
Since 2011 he has been recording, mixing and mastering for various independent artists including: Manu PHL, Smania Uagliuns, Debbit, P40 and TheRivati ​​and collaborates as a sound engineer and MIDI programmer with composers engaged in writing music for theater, TV and cinema.

From 2013 to 2016 he worked as a sound engineer at the Rome Opera House in the places of the Costanzi Theater, the National Theater and Terme di Caracalla, where he has the opportunity to cover the role of sound engineer in multiple events, Pro Tools operator for recordings by the resident orchestra, MIDI programmer for John Adams' opera “I was looking

Sandro Mambella

He began studying piano at the age of 4 and attended middle school at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. In 1993 he started studying jazz piano with Fabrizio Pieroni and attended the Umbria Jazz Clinics (1994).

In 1996, he began his composition studies with Teresa Procaccini and continued the study of jazz piano with Ramberto Ciammarughi. He graduated in Piano at the Conservatory "F. Morlacchi" in Perugia, with M° Riccardo Marini in 1998 and, the following year, he attended the Jazz Specialization Course at the Accademia Romana di Musica with Fabrizio Sferra, Maurizio Giammarco, Danilo Rea, Fabio Zeppetella and Giovanni Tommaso.

Then, in 2002, he obtained a Diploma in Jazz Music at the “S.Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome, under the guidance of Maestro Bruno Tommaso. The following year he enrolled in the Experimental Composition Course at the "N. Piccinni ”of Bari directed by Maestro

Vincenzo Lombardozzi

He studied Electronic Engineering at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, Piano and Clarinet with Michele Incenzo and Luigi Lettiero (at the Conservatories of Rome and Frosinone), Experimental Composition with Riccardo Santoboni (Bari Conservatory), Arrangement with Giovanni Tommaso, Film Music with Luis Enriquez Bacalov.

Among his professional experiences, ca be recalled: Baroque Flutes in the Roman Flute Complex "Henry Purcell" and in the "Choro Romani Cantores", collaborations with ARCI Nuova Associazione – Culture, Music and Entertainment Office, music consultant for Mediaset at Mirage S.r.l., founding member of Cialtroni Animati (keyboards, horns, choirs, television participations in "Help" and "Roxy Bar" on TMC2, "Costume e società" on RAI2 , resident band in "Dammi il tempo" on RAI3, etc.), his also are some composition and arrangements of jingles (Festa della Musica'99, Tele Universo news, etc.).

He is a professor of Acoustic Physics in

Alberto Recchia

In 2000 he graduated as Sound Technician at UM in Rome (Università della Musica)
He works as a backliner and sound assistant in the tour of Lucio Dalla (1999/2000), Antonello
Venditti (1999-2000), Ron (2000), Christmas in the Vatican (Canale 5 2000-2001), and many other events.
He works as a sound engineer in the tour of Massimo di Cataldo (2002), Military Parade 2 June
(2003/2004/2005/2007), Dolce Italia (France 2 2002/2003/2004/2005), A disc for the summer (Rai
Due 2003), Catersport (Radio 2 2003), Italians of Argentina (Rai Due2003), Music for Alex (Tribute
Alex Baroni 2002), Rimini Street Parade (2003), Fluido Rosa, Hi Rino (from 2000 to 2020),
Musicultura (Rai Due 2006/2008), Federico Salvatore (tour from 2006 to 2013), Menopause The
Musical (2006/2007), SKY various events (from 2006 to 2012), Michele Amadori (2008/2009), Demo
Festival (Rai RadioUno 2008/2009/2010/2011), "68" The Musical (2009/2010), Sandy Muller (from 2009 to

Davide Prestanicola

Born in Rome, always interested in music, he graduated in "Sound Engineering & Music Technology" at Saint Louis College of Music in 2012.
Since 2010 he began his work experience at several clubs in Rome. He takes part in numerous music events including: Otto Ohm "Boxer" Tour, X Factor "AfterShow", Marco Morandi "In Nome Del Padre" Tour, Luca Carboni Tour, Benny Benassi Live, Triky Live, Città dell'Altra Economia Festival, Villa Ada Festival, Music Up Festival.
At the same time as the "live" context, he cultivates an innate passion for audio recording. He specializes working in several studies of the Capital, such as recording and mixing engineer.
At Saint Louis College of Music he takes care of multiple activities related to the recording studio and is involved in the numerous music events organized by the Institute.
He currently teaches Sound engineering, Editing and Mix in Studio, Live Vocal recording Techniques

Alberto Zecchinelli

He began his musical path in 1997 taking electric guitar courses that allowed him to get closer to the world of music. Since 1998 he has been part of several musical formations; in 2001 he founded "Lato A", a rock band with which he released two albums containing songs written and arranged totally by him: "E 732" in 2009 and "Verde campo" in 2011.

Thanks to his deep passion for computer science and electronic tools, over the years, he has moved closer and closer to the world of studio and live Phonia and since 2007 he has been collaborating as a sound engineer with the audio and lighting service "On the air" of Ardea, with which he had the opportunity to work with artists such as Paola Turci , Antonio Giuliani, Pablo & Pedro, Andrea Perrone, Alessandro di Carlo, Lillo & Greg, Tony Malco, Jimmy Fontana, Tree Gees and others.

In 2011 he graduated in "Phony & Music Technology" at the Saint Louis Music

Stefania Del Prete

He studies vocal technique and music theory with Rosa Rodriguez and with Edda Dell’Orso and Isabel Gentile (opera singing). You participate in the summer Jazz Clinics held by Roberta Davis for the Berkley School in Boston. You study early music with Anna De Martini. E.V.T.S. (Estill Voice Training System) with Elisa Turlà (vanguard license for Italy) under whose guidance she is certified as Estill Master Trainer. She also attends musical preparatory courses for kindergarten and elementary school at the International Music Institute organized by Maestro Donato Di Donato. You are studying complementary piano with Maestro Pierpaolo Principato.

Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature at the Third University of Rome with full marks, with a thesis on music on the Masque. In 2009, as part of the Phoniatrics Conference La Voce dell'arte, he participated in Master Class on Vocal Power by Elisabeth Howard Speech Level Singing by Seth Riggs and distorted sounds curated by Albert Hera and Beppe Dettori. In 2014 he participated in the seminar on distorted sounds curated by Alberto Ter Doest as part of the 1st Italian Meeting

Mario Caporilli

In 1992 he obtained the diploma in trumpet at the conservatory of "Santa Cecilia" and participated in the "Etruria" prize, ranking first as best performer out of 120 participants. He studies trumpet with Mike Applebaum, among the teachers: Massimo Moriconi, Fabio Zeppetella, Massimo Fedeli, Tony Mims, Massimiliano Pani.

In 95 he joined the Buscaja and with them he went on tour for the Camel Placet throughout Italy. He plays in the big-band “Maggiolina jazz Urkesta” of Roberto Spadoni with whom he makes the album “Mingus” and with it he participates in the most important jazz festivals.

Realizes the CD "Noi e gli animali" with the group "Milk and its derivatives", the show "Beatles" at the Parioli theater in Rome. On tour throughout Italy with the show "An American in Paris" with Christian De Sica and "the Universe orchestra" conducted by Marco Tiso (3 months at NUOVO in Milan, 2 weeks at DIANA in Naples). On tour with the

Ettore Carucci

Graduated in classical piano, thanks to his versatility he managed to conquer prestigious stages which, in a succession of increasingly rewarding experiences, led him to collaborate and play with the best internationally renowned jazz players including Benny Golson, Gerry Bergonzi, Eric Marienthal, Tom Kennedy, Philip Catherine, Sonny Fortune, Tony Scott, Kim Plainfield, Lincol Goines, Anne Ducros, Paolo Fresu, Gegé Munari, Giorgio Rosciglione, Maurizio Giammarco, Marco Tamburini, Dario Deidda, Roberto Gatto, Fabrizio Bosso, Alfredo Paixàoe and many others. In 1993/94 he attended the “Siena Jazz” and “Umbria Jazz” seminars, winning two scholarships. In 2001 he participated in the "Umbria Jazz" Festival and the "Orvieto Jazz Festival" with the Berklee Award Group.

He is currently part of various artistic projects, some of his own and some others as sideman, playing in Italy and abroad.

He has recorded 9 albums as a bandleader, 38 as a sideman and 20 compilations.

Carlo Mezzanotte

After classical piano and composition studies he dedicated himself to jazz, performing in Italy and abroad. He studied jazz piano with Mike Melillo, and formed the group "Relapse", of which he is the sole author and with which recorded an album in 1985.

Among the most important collaborations in the jazz field, can be found those with: Lester Bowie, Al DiMeola, Frank Gambale, Maurizio Giammarco, Javier Girotto, Umberto Fiorentino, Cinzia Spata, Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis, Sandro Satta, Dario Deidda and many others.
With his group Syntaxis he has 3 CDs. He also takes part in other jazz projects: "Piano Possibile" (CD 2009), "Jazz Tales" (CD 2011), "Northward Flight" (live CD 2014), "In a Quiet Room" (CD 2018), more "thematic" concerts and other projects.

As an electronic musician, he is the author of performances for synthesizers only including "The Return to Reason" (on Man Ray's surrealist films), "South" (on Shackelton's Antarctic expedition), and a series of

Giovanni Imparato

Artist, percussionist, musician, singer, teacher, professional session musician since 1980. The neapolitan artist is among the greatest experts in Italy of the Afro-Cuban heritage from which he syncretizes (Partenope / Cuba) his own musical, existential, cultural and religious references; initiated at the Regla de IFÁ, Awò ”baba eyòbbe fà ilù”, initiated at the Regla de Ócha (santèro omo-Shangò), initiated at the Regla de AÑÁ (“omoalàña, Añá boladè, Orun imalè, priest of the drum“ batà ”).

As a session musician, he had collaborated with: Renzo Arbore and the Orchestra Italiana, Nino d'Angelo, L.Dalla, Eros Ramazzotti, S. Copeland. R.Cocciante, Mina, Ray Charles, Mystic Diversions, Giorgia, Sunlightsquare, A.Bocelli, R.Carosone, M.Martini, E.Bennato, N.C.C.P. C. d'Angiò, Tosca, M.Ranieri, G.Morandi, S. da Vinci, G.F Beginning. He has been teaching percussions since 1984.

Roberto Tarenzi

Born in Milan in 1977, he began studying classical piano at the age of 8.
He discovers jazz in adolescence and studies with: Ray Santisi at the Berklee School seminars at Umbria Jazz in 1994, Franco D'Andrea and Enrico Pieranunzi at Siena Jazz 1996, Enrico Intra and Roberto Pronzato at the Civic Jazz Courses in Milan, where he obtained his diploma in 1999.

In 1995 he joined the Big Band directed by Enrico Intra with whom he recorded four CDs: "Italian Club Graffiti" for Erga-Peer Music, "NIght Creature", "New Perspectives" and "New Italian Graffiti" for Soul Note and accompanied, among others: Dave Liebman, Max Roach, Bobby Watson, Bob Brookmeyer, David Murray, Eddie Daniels, David Raksin, Franco Cerri, Enrico Rava, Franco Ambrosetti , John Thomas.

In 2000, inspired by the music of the pianist Ahmad Jamal, he founded CUES Trio together with Lucio Terzano and Tony Arco, with whom he recorded in 2001 "Introducing CUES trio" for the DDQ-SoulNote

Pine Forastiere

Fifteen years of career behind with the acoustic guitar over the shoulder, nine albums as leader (of which five as solo artist) and several CD compilations, hundreds of concerts in the United States, Europe and Canada, dozens of full-page and web-based interviews and many radio and TV specials: Pino Forastiere, composer and guitarist from Basilicata (Roman by adoption) continues his musical journey on the path of technical and compositional innovation on the most popular instrument in the world which, in his hands, becomes a small orchestra.

Curious, restless, experimenter, lover of all great music (from baroque to rock), generous on stage and introverted in the day-by-day life, avid consumer of art, the first Italian guitarist to be produced by the american label, Candyrat Records. Today, Pino Forastiere produces himself and alongside the inseparable Martin D28 of 1957, he places a 16-string “LAB guitar”, a prototype built on his first acoustic guitar by the patient luthier, Davide Serracini.

Because it must be said, parenthetically, that after graduating from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory with a ten-string guitar, when he was still a young classical musician, Pino bought, for very little money, an old acoustic guitar Eko Chetro with a broken handle.

Marco Manusso

Genovese, roman by adoption, he is a musician, journalist, guitarist, singer and arranger and has collaborated with Francesco De Gregori, Lucio Dalla, Ron, Mimmo Locasciulli, Gianni Morandi, Patty Pravo, Shel Shapiro, Renato Zero, Mariella Nava, Renzo Arbore, Alex Britti, Francesco Renga, Ray Charles, Bob Brozman and Tommy Emmanuel.

He has written and conducted various radio broadcasts (Radio1, Radio2) of musical and entertainment character (Il Si e il No, Ispettore Rock, Carta Bianca, StereoRai, Stripsodia, Il Guastafeste, Atlante, Buono Domenico)

On television, he has participated in various television programs including: La Vita in Diretta, Geo, Domenica In, Ricomincio da Zero, Partita Doppia, Tutto Benessere, Ciao Darwin, Cominciamo Bene, Telethon.

He has written about music for various music magazines such as "Fare Musica", "Suono", "Audio Review", "Guitar Club", "Chitarre" and nowadays collaborates with "Chitarra Acustica"

Franco Ventura

Born in 1951, roman, he carries out an intense guitar activity alternating with the work in the recording studio and live performances as author, arranger and artistic producer.
He has been present in the educational field for several years now. He has numerous collaborations including those with: Eros Ramazzotti, Alex Baroni, Mia Martini, Marina Rei, Andrea Bocelli, Neri per Caso, Paola Turci.

Very present also in the recording industry, both in pop and in soundtracks (Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani and others). He has participated in various television productions for Rai and Mediaset, including Domenica In, Fantastico, La Corrida, Sanremo Festival, Festivalbar.

Daniele Baddaria

He enters the world of entertainment in 2005, he founds his experience in fifteen years of career on the stages starting from a simple audio technician and soon becoming a generic Backliner. Following the technical skills acquired in the field, he first plays the role of Assistant Stage Manager and finally that of Stage Manager, and then also dedicates himself to the role of Floor Manager and Stage Manager.

Among the various experiences on tours, theaters and conventions, he collaborates with the most important television broadcasters, with symphony orchestras and Big Bands in Italy and abroad, enjoying the privilege of working in the most prestigious Italian festivals.

Francesco Delogu

Graduated from Saint Louis College of Music in Electronic Music – direction and sound technology with 110 e lode, he is "resident engineer" at the Bloom Recording Studio, for which he was an assistant of the studio during the recording of the string section for the soundtrack of the film "The place" by Paolo Genovese (Medusa - 2017); studio assistant, additional recording and editing for the album "Parole, rumori e anni" by Fabrizio Moro (Sony Music / RCA Records 2018); studio assistant for the recording of the album "Pixel" by Mauro Schiavone (E Flat – 2018); studio assistant during the recording of the string section for the soundtrack of the film "Non ci resta che il crimine" by Massimiliano Bruno (Italian International Film / Rai Cinema – 2019); assistant for drum, bass and string recordings for the album "Figli di nessuno" by Fabrizio Moro (Sony Music / RCA Records 2019); sound engineer for the recording, mixing and mastering of the soundtrack of the film "Tuttapposto" by Gianni Costantino (Medusa - 2019); recording and editing of Arthur's album "Vola Ale!" (Leave Music / Sony BMG – 2018); recording and mixing of the song "Il ballo delle incertezze" by Ultimo, in acoustic version for the broadcast "Eroi di strada" (Rai); recording and mixing of Ultimo's song "The most fragile star in the universe" in piano, violin and voice version.

Roberto Semeraro

He was born in Cisternino (BR) in 1990 and since 2011 he began composing works of Electronic Music that he released in 2012 with the renowned American label Further Records.

He graduated in Communication Sciences in Bari. He then moved to Rome to undertake his studies in Electronic Music at Saint Louis College of Music graduating in 2017 with a thesis on the Study of Phonology in Milan.

During this period, he alternated his studies and research with productions and performances, in fact, he performed in Italy at the Teatro delle Tosse in Genoa, in the Netherlands at the Incubate Festival, at L'international in Paris and at the Le Périscope theatre in Lyon.

He released his productions for the house division of the historic Belgian R&S Records and for the Dutch label New York Haunted.

In 2018, he was selected by Andrea Benedetti for his radio program Futureshock dedicated to young talents of electronic music.

Gianni Di Renzo

He studied at the Saint Louis Jazz School. Collaborations with Massimo Urbani, Steve Grossman, Sal Nistico, Bobby Watson, Enrico Rava, Bill Smith, Amedeo Tommasi, Marcello Rosa, Enrico Pieranunzi, Giovanni Tommaso, Gary Bartz and others.

Antonella De Grossi

She has been singing since the age of four. She was the leading voice of formations such as Lapsus e Biglie sciolte; several times solo voice in the Trombe Rosse orchestra conducted by Massimo Nunzi.
As a chorister, she participated in television broadcasts under the guidance of Masters P. Vessicchio, P. Caruso, P. Pirazzoli and has collaborated with various artists.
In 2000, she co-leadered, alongside Marco Siniscalco, "Partenope", a musical research project of music pieces of the Neapolitan tradition.
In 2008, she was the creator with S. Quarta, M. Lazzaro and Fr. Ranieri of "Cantemimì", a tribute to the artist Mia Martini. For years she has been one of the most influential teachers of vocal technique.
In June 2013, her first book "Il mio canto libero (My free song)" was published for the Saint Louis DOC educational series.

Marco Biniero

He approached the study of music at the age of nine, with his first love, the piano. Three years later he switched to guitar. He completed his studies at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he entered as teacher in 1996.

Also in 1996, he formed his own band, GODIVA, with which he won the SANREMO ROCK 2002 edition. In 2003, the single "EMY" produced by Target Sony Music was released. He has carried out important collaborations as a studio session musician with various artists of the Italian music scene such as: ROBERTO VECCHIONI, SCIALPI, ROSARIO DI BELLA, TULLIO DE PISCOPO and under the artistic direction of M° Angelo Carrara for various editions of SANREMO GIOVANI.

He participated in several television productions with the "GNIOMETTO BAND": Seven Show, Comic Show (Nina Moric, Enrico Brignano, Cinzia Leone), Sarabanda (M° Fernando Fera) Chiambretti c'è (Gniometto Band & Stefano Magnianenzi).

Adriana Persico

She approached music as a very young girl with the study of violin and piano at the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory in Catania. At the same time, she cultivated a passion for singing whic led her to take part in different Sicilian music formations.

In 2005, she began attending Saint Louis College of Music where she studied Pop Singing and Vocal Technique with Antonella De Grossi and Jazz Singing with Pierluca Buonfrate. A solo voice and chorister from different bands, her live and studio experiences led her to collaborate with artists such as John Cale, Mark Lanegan, Franco Fasano and Monica Hill.

Fabiana Levita

Graduated in singing and musical technologies at the Vibo Valentia Conservatory.
She began her musical studies at the age of 18. She approached the study of singing with Luca Jurman and Maria Grazia Fontana; later, with Antonella De Grossi, she completed an accurate study of vocal technique and the italian and international music repertoire.

At the same time he takes part in the Sat & B Choir directed by Maria Grazia Fontana with which he participates in many television, theatrical and musical events, also accompanying well-known big names in the music scene. At the Saint Louis he took part in the course "Let's go on stage" for a year he studied the disciplines of singing, dancing and acting with professionals in the field such as Maria Grazia Fontana, Attilio Fontana, Luca Velletri, Orazio Caiti, Giulio Costa and Michela Andreozzi . He records the choirs and takes part in the preview in the Milan Cathedral for the musical I Promessi Sposi directed by Michele Guardì and Pippo Flora. Lend the sung voice to the actress

Lisa Fiorani

She studied Pop Vocals at Saint Louis College of Music, where she deepened her study of vocal technique with Antonella De Grossi.

She participated as a singer and actress in numerous shows at the Teatro Gentile in Fabriano, Italy. In 2016, she joined the project "Aco" by Adriano Meliffi in the role of chorister and the vocal orchestra, "Flowing Chords", conducted by M° Margherita Flore. In 2017, she performed with the choir "Cantautore", directed by M° Maria Grazia Fontana, at the Teatro Eliseo in collaboration with Cristian Ciccone, Attilio Fontana, Emiliano Reggente and Clizia Fornasier. In addition, she also performed at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome, Teatro Don Bosco in Fabriano, at the Cineteatro di San Filippo Neri in San Benedetto Del Tronto and at the Forte dei Borgia in Nepi with "Flowing Chords". She collaborated on the recording of the EP "N" of "Aco" as a soloist and chorister.

Elena Allegri

She graduated in Pop Vocals at Sant Louis College of Music, where she studied the italian and international repertoire with Maria Grazia Fontana and vocal technique with Antonella De Grossi. She attended various singing internships with: Gabriella Scalise, Beppe Vessicchio, Frank Mc Comb, Nicolò Fabi.

Chorister and soloist in the theatrical show "Canto perché non so nuotare" by Massimo Ranieri.

She was part of the Sat & B choir of Maria Grazia Fontana, with whom she performed in many events as a chorister and soloist including: participation in some stages of the tour "Behind the appearances" of the singer Giorgia; guests in the theatrical show "Strimpelli & Vinyl" by Emiliano Regenti and Attilio Fontana; recording of choirs and preview held at the Milan Cathedral of the musical "I promessi sposi" by M. Guardi 'and P. Flora; participation in various TV broadcasts (I leave you a song, Insieme sul due, Big brother, etc.); chorister in the song "Inno"

She has been teaching vocal technique for several years.

Pierluca Buonfrate

He studied pop singing with Cinzia Baldana and later jazz singing with Fabrizia Barresi, opera technique with Carlo di Giacomo, piano with Pierpaolo Principato and percussion with Sergio Quarta. He attended seminars held by Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Mark Murphy, Bob Stoloff, Judy Niemack, Carl Anderson, Jo Estill, Miles Griffith, Dean Bowman.

He has taught singing since 1994 in several music schools in Rome and since 1996 he is professor and coordinator of the chair of jazz singing at Saint Louis College of Music.
He was vocal coach in the 2018-2019 edition of "Amici" (Mediaset).
Since 2000, he sang in Renzo Arbore's orchestra "Swing Maniacs", participating in Tours, recordings and television broadcasts.
In 2001, he was a finalist for the "Massimo Urbani" award.
Chorister in many R.A.I. broadcasts from 2000 to 2010. He worked in commercials, film and fiction soundtracks, in voice-over singing and in radio Jingles.

Marta Capponi

Marta Capponi began her career in the world of music at the age of 12, having already made it clear that this would be her profession and her reason for life. In 1999 he entered at Saint Louis College of Music where she studied with many of the teachers who still teach in the music school today and other amazing educators such as Maria Pia De Vito, Cinzia Spata, Mark Murphy, Carl Anderson, Norma Winston, Paolo Fresu, Salvatore Bonafede, Roberta Gambarini, Raffaella Misiti, Giovanni Mazzarino, Rachel Black and others. This experience allowed her to approach the study of Jazz which became, for Marta, a source of inexhaustible inspiration and her signature style.

Claudia Marss

He is a teacher of vocal technique, style and interpretation in modern and Brazilian music, taking care of pronunciation, perception and distinction of the elements that form the polyrhythm in the different genres of music.

In 1983 he attended the Conservatory of Music from Universidade Catolica de Salvador (Bahia) with studies of classical guitar. In 1986, with his first concert he won the Troféu Caymmi Prize, as the best emerging singing interpreter. In 1988 he is the chorister of Gilberto Gil.

From 1990 he moved to Italy, studied jazz singing with Cinzia Spata at the Saint Louis Music Center, in 1992 he attended the Berkley Clinics in Perugia with Bob Stolloff, vocal technique with the lyric soprano Annette Marywhether, opera singing with the soprano Margherita Pace and piano with master Luca Salerno. In 2011 he obtained the CFP certification of Jo Estill's Voicecraft method with Elisa Turlà. He attended the seminar "The voice: anatomy,

Claudio Ricci

Graduated in Classical Guitar at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. He studied Classical Guitar with Bruno Porcacchia, Stefano Mastruzzi and Carlo Carfagna. He also studied Modern Guitar with Nicola Puglielli, Massimiliano Rosati and Stefano Micarelli. He later added to his records Modern Harmony and Arrangement studies with Andrea Avena and Fabrizio Pieroni.
Participated in various seminars, concert lessons and workshops held by Umberto Fiorentino, Fabio Zeppetella, Marco Manusso, Massimiliano Rosati, Franco Ventura, Paolo Sorge, Andrea Avena, Massimo Fedeli, Fabrizio Cardosa.

He collaborated with various musical groups touching various and vast styles, from Pop to Rock, Blues, Funky, Latin, Disco and also Folk, playing in various formations throughout Italy. In 1990 he founded, with Maurizio Antonini, the group "AGENA" with which he participated, with original songs, in various reviews and competitions, including Arezzo Wave, gathering consensus and positive criticisms.

In 1995 he plays in the S.W.B. Jazz Quartet with

Mauro Massei

Saxophonist and Flutist. Trained in flute at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, he simultaneously studied saxophone under the guidance of Massimo Urbani in the distant early 1980s.
Later he graduated in first and second cycle of academic courses in Jazz at Licinio Refice Conservatory and Santa Cecilia Conservatory.
He holds a thirty-year career with hundreds of concerts and dozens of recordings in various formations and in different musical genres. He has participated in numerous national and international festivals.
Historical baritoneist and flutist of the School's Big Band (with whom he recorded the album "Live in studio" in 2009), since 2012 he has taught theoretical subjects, instrument and practice of wind section at Saint Louis
He has played and / or recorded with: Massimo Urbani, Maurizio Urbani, Mauro Verrone, Tony Formichella, Elvio Ghigliordini, Roberto Spadoni, Gianni Oddi, Fernando Brusco, Bruno Biriaco, Renato Serio, Marcello Rosa,

Stefano Mastruzzi,


from 1990 to today
Musician and Composer
Graduated in classical guitar and composition, he works as musician and arranger with Roberto Giglio, Enrico Pieranunzi, Silvia Salemi, Enzo Pietropaoli, Saturnino, Patty Pravo, Franco Micalizzi, Gianni Oddi, Massimo Nunzi, Cristiano Micalizzi, Amedeo Tommasi, Giovanni Imparato, Giuseppe Turtledove.

from 1998 to today
Director and cultural entrepreneur for Saint Louis College of Music

Since 1998 he has taken over the management and entrepreneurial ownership of Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, in 2020 he accomplished the 23rd academic year under his direction.

Under his direction, the msuic school has enormously increased its activity, bringing the number of students from 90 enrolled students in 1998 to over 1,600 current students each year, from all over the world.

As a cultural entrepreneur he has opened and manages four offices in the center of Rome (the second since 2002, the

Simone Maggio

Pianist and composer from Grosseto, active in the contemporary jazz scene. He prefers a "European" vision of Jazz, drawing heavily on contemporary classical tradition and developing his own research using improvisation and composition as instruments of equal importance.

During his training, he attended many seminars with Italian and international artists (Paul Motian, Enrico Pieranunzi, John Taylor); in particular in the Siena Jazz seminars, he studied contemporary jazz with Stefano Battaglia. After graduating from Saint Louis College of Music in 2003, he studied with Enrico Pieranunzi. He recently graduated in classical piano, at the G.P. Pergolesi of Fermo.

He has released various albums under his own name, the latest "Cuerdas" (Camilla Records) released in 2020. He has also played in various Italian and international festivals (Villa Celimontana jazz, Fano Jazz, InJazz Rotterdam, Manchester Jazz, Pristhina Jazz).

Federica Zammarchi

Born and raised in Tuscany, class of 1973, she obtained a degree in Philosophy with an anthropological address at the University of Siena, before moving to the field of professional music. She obtained the Second level degree in Jazz at the Frosinone Conservatory in 2009, she is a singer, composer and arranger.
Since 2012, she has dedicated hermself to electronic pop giving life to a project of original songs with a Northern European sound (Bjork-Massive Attack), “Antichords” in collaboration with Davide Alivernini (Bass, guitar, sax, clarinet and sound design).
She was the main voice of the historic ethno-world group "Agricantus" for the record work "Turnari", with which, in 2014, she performed at the Primo Maggio concert in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome (RAI 3 - worldwide) and also with them, she signed the soundtrack of the TV movie “Felicia Impastato” in May 2016.

Michele Di Lazzaro

Graduated in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, since the age of 14 he has cultivated a strong interest in music (in particular rock and techno-electronics).

In 1997, he began to create his first techno-progressive tracks, but it was until 2001-2002 when he founded his perfect artistic place in the field of "hard-style" music that just then was taking shape between holland and Italy. Among his most important productions can be found: releases on Stik, Zoom, Wicked, Sound Barrier, GM04, and others, licensed on the most important genre compilations around the world.

In 2009 he enrolled in the Midi and Phony course of the Saint Louis College of Music, where he graduated in 2011. He participated in various events as a sound engineer and backliner with the Dal Vivo service by alberto Recchia and various evenings at The Place, Clockwork, Latin coffee, Argentina Theater, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Verdi Theater Florence and many others

Marco Ravallese

Born in Rome, he approached the study of piano at the age of eight under the guidance of teacher Teresa Cirillo. He deepened his knowledge of pop music and blues by studying with Sandro Borghi and Luciano Gargiulo.

Around the age of eighteen, he started a concert activity that eliified him to participate in the Ronciglione blues festival with guitarist Max Bizzarri. After graduating in literature with the maximun grade, he enrolled at Saint Louis at the end of 2006, starting his jazz studies with pianist Pierpaolo Principato.

He resumed the study of classical music under the guidance of maestro Antonio Solimene. With the latter, he also began his studies of jazz arrangement.

In 2010 he plays in the jazz-fusion formation "Four Corners", bringing live the greatest hits of the Yellowjackets group. In October 2011 he took the admission exam to the final two-year course of the jazz degree course at the Conservatory

Sanjay Kansa Banik

Tabla soloist, student of the masters Sri Goutam Dam and Sri Dulal Natto of the Gharana of Benares, Sanjay has an intense career of festivals and awards behind him. Recently, he obtained the title of best musician from the “All India Radio” of Calcutta, where he recorded many songs and participated in several broadcasts.

He currently lives in Rome and is part of the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio. Director Simone Mariani has made a documentary about him entitled "A journey on the tabla", a film awarded at several Film Festivals in Europe and India.

Cristina Carlini

Professor of history and historiography of music and music applied to images at Saint Louis College Of Music since 2013.
She attended the "London Music School" and obtained the Diplomas in "Head of Keyboards", "Harmony & Theory" and "Audio Technology" held by the teachers: Gary Baldwin, Martin Keating, Derek Baxter, Duri Darms and Max Barenthin.

She graduated in "Modern Literature" address: Art, Music and Entertainment at the University of Tuscia, 110 cum laude with publication of the thesis and, subsequently, she obtained a master's degree at the University of Tuscia 110 cum laude with publication of the thesis.
Winner of a post-graduate scholarship for study and research activities concerning "A perspective on Ryszard Kapuscinski through the new booktrailer format", at the Disucom of the University of

Emanuele Melisurgo

He was born in Naples, October 18, 1968. He began the study of music and piano as self-taught and then began the study of jazz and saxophone with M° Maurizio Giammarco.

He won a scholarship for following the study path at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, where he studied with the masters: S. Deidda, P. Iodice, R. Giuliani, S. Satta, G. Savelli, E. Pieranunzi. He then attended the Courses of Siena Jazz as a scholarship holder under the guidance of the masters: Franco D'Andrea, Stefano Battaglia, Pietro Tonolo. He graduated in classical saxophone at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

He has recorded the CDs Cu sole and Cu l'acqua, Nomade del Vesuvio, Voices Scomposte with the Tony Cercola Group; First out with the Palopoli-Forlani Quintet; Winds in Tunes in duo with the pianist Simone Maggio, for the Saint Louis. He teaches in Rome and Naples; he has taken part in numerous festivals including Umbria Jazz, Nick La Rocca Jazz Festival, Ischia Jazz

Marco Vallarino

Marco Vallarino

Danilo Cherni

Author, together with Maurizio Perfetto and Adriano Lo Giudice, of some hits of the recent history of Antonello Venditti (“21 modi per dirti ti amo”, “Benvenuti in paradiso”, “Noi”, “Raggio di luna”, “Parla come baci”, “La coscienza di Zeman”, “Estate rubino”, “La ragazza del lunedi”, “Ti amo inutilmente”). Arranger and session musician for Venditti himself, Zarrillo, Mia Martini.

Composer of "ambient" music, he has released two records ("Segui, Vivi" and "Bene Dirlo"), he has participated in some compilations of the genre, and collaborates with conceptual artists for installations in museums and exhibitions. He was part of the folk music ensemble of the Notte della Taranta.

Together with Gianfranco Salvatore he founded the Salento group "Anima" and the ethno-jazz-electronic project Baba Yoga. Always together with Gianfranco Salvatore he wrote soundtracks for films such as “Dillo con parole mie” by Daniele Luchetti and “Anastezsi” by Miguel Alcantud.

Daniele Marcante

He graduated from Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where he specialized in Rock Blues Guitar with Lello Panico. He also studied with Antonio Affrunti, Nico Stufano, Giacomo Anselmi, William Stravato and Davide Aru. He deepened the study and language of modern blues with Nicola Costa. He followed seminars and Clinic with Tommy Emmanuel, Stef Burns, Nicola Costa, Luca Colombo, Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed, Andrea Braido.
He has held different and numerous professional experiences and collaborations with Tim Tour 2003 Palermo and Alghero, Disma 2005 Rimini, Meet 2007 Milan, Latin American Festival 2009 Milan, Jammin' 2011 Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma, Orchestra Meeting del Mare 2012, Orchestra Area Sanremo Tour 2012 (production Casa Sanremo – Radio Italia).
He has also collaborated with Marcella Bella, Francesco De Gregori, James Thompson (Zucchero, Paolo Conte, Stadio), Luca Colombo, Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Leda Battisti, Alan Sorrenti, Paolo Vallesi, Federico Poggipollini.

Dario Giacovelli

He began his study path in electric bass in 2003 and in 2009 moved to Rome where he enrolled himself at Saint Louis College of Music, specializing in different musical styles (Pop and Black Music) and taking part in many projects that exposed him to experiences in Jazz Orchestras, Gospel Choirs and small formations. He graduated from the three-year degree in Jazz Bass with honors in October 2015 at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. He attended the two-year second cycle of specialization in Jazz Bass at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, where he graduated with honors in February 2018.
He perfected himself following various summer seminars and workshops focused on Jazz, obtaining scholarships and awards at Umbria Jazz 2012 and the Fara Music Festival, he also participated as a Music-lab collaborator at the Roma Summer Jazz Camp in 2015. At the same time, he began his compositional activity fascinated by modern jazz composition methods and hip-hop/soul productions.
It boasts important collaborations

Gianluca Massetti

At the age of seven he began studying piano in the “Franz Schubert” and “Giocondi” music schools in San Benedetto del Tronto. Slowly he approaches modern music and songwriting, starting to compose and perform in public at the age of eleven. Later he gained experience in popular music and in 2006 he founded with his father the San Benedetto group “Marecanto”, with which he performed in the various squares and theaters of the Piceno. At the same time he continued his jazz studies and enrolled at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome in 2009, subsequently obtaining a degree in "Jazz Piano" with a grade of 110 cum laude. His training is multi-stylistic, in fact he had the opportunity to deepen more musical styles such as blues, gospel, soul, fusion, rock, pop, jazz, Latin jazz and Big Band music. In 2012 he made television appearances accompanying Maurizio Mattioli and Franco Oppini in musical performances.

Marcello Sirignano

Marcello Sirignano graduated in violin in 1988 and jazz in 2005 at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music in Rome under the guidance of masters Bruno Mollo, Mila Costisella and Paolo Damiani.
After graduating on violin, he continued to study with the masters Franco Tamponi and Pavel Vernikov and participated in several chamber music courses with the masters Marco Lenzi and Paolo Centurioni.
From 1990 he began studying jazz with Massimo Fedeli and took part in the courses of the Berklee College of Music held in Perugia.
Already as a student he began an intense chamber and orchestral concert activity collaborating with various institutions and musical seasons including: Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Regional Orchestra of Lazio, Orchestra del Gonfalone, C.I.M.A., the Stravaganza, University Concerts Institution.
At the same time he participates in numerous recordings of records and soundtracks both as a solo instrumentalist and

Gabriele Giovannini

He approached the guitar at the age of 13, Blues at 18. He later enrolled at Saint Louis College of Music where he specialized in Rock-Blues guitar with Lello Panico. He graduated in 2005. Thanks to Lello Panico he had the opportunity to transcribe his teaching method "Full Optional Blues"(ed. Carish – 2005).

He attended seminars held by Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale. He carries out an intense concert activity with several bands of Blues, Rock-Blues, Southern Rock in clubs, Festivals and Italian Festivals including Anguillara Blues Festival 2007, II Organ Jazz Marathon 2008, Paliano Jazz Festival 2010 and Villa Celimontana Blues Festival 2005 where he had the chance to opened the concert to bluesman Jimmy Burns.

At the Licinio Refice Conservatory in Frosinone, where he graduated in Jazz guitar in 2009, he studied with Stefano Micarelli, Roberto Spadoni, Ettore Fioravanti, Aldo Bassi and Nicola Puglielli, thanks to whom he approaches Gypsy Jazz. In 2009 he was co-

Nicola Di Tommaso

A multifaceted guitarist and composer, Nicola Di Tommaso is an artist with great sensitivity and jazz awareness, characteristics that allow him to range with proven skill from the repertoire of standards to original and innovative compositions, by virtue of a well-established musical identity that makes dynamism and continuous expressive research his stylistic figure.
Born in Guardialfiera, Molise, Di Tommaso began studying guitar at a young age. After graduating in theory and solfeggio at the "Alfredo Casella" Conservatory of L'Aquila, he obtained the first level diploma of classical guitar at the "Giulio Briccialdi" Conservatory in Terni, under the guidance of Maestro Stefano Mastruzzi and Leonardo Gallucci.
He goes through different rock experiences, and then becomes passionate about jazz. He studies at Thelonius Monk in Campobasso with Nicola Cordisco and at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome

Fabrizio Cucco

Graduated from Saint Louis College of Music with honors, under the guidance of Gianfranco Gullotto.

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to play with several musicians and artists, including: Maurizio Giammarco, Francesco Bruno, Battista Lena, Marcello Di Leonardo, Fabrizio Sferra, Eddy Palermo, Joy Garrison, Jim Porto, Eleonora Bianchini, Alessandro Marzi, Grazia Di Michele, and in orchestral situations with Paolo Fresu, Javier Girotto, Beppe Servillo, Gegè Telesforo. He has played in jazz festivals and major exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Finland, Holland, Denmark, Slovakia, Poland, Egypt).

In April 2020 he released his first solo album "For A Brief Moment", recorded with Maurizio Giammarco, Pierpaolo Principato and Roberto Gatto, presented later at the Casa del Jazz in Rome.

Francesco Luzzio

Graduated from "Dams (Discipline delle arti, della musica e dello spettacolo(Discipline of the arts, music and entertainment)) of the University of Palermo with the highest marks, graduated in "Composition and Jazz arrangement" at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome with honors and also in electric bass at "Saint Louis College of Music" in Rome.
He undersoed the study track as a self-taught instrumentalist and then continued his studies with Marco Siniscalco, Gianfranco Gullotto, Roberto Gallinelli, Tony Armetta, Paolo Costa, Lorenzo Poli.
He has collaborated, with some the collaborations still happening, with: Mirkoeilcane, Valerio Scanu, Francesco De Gregori, Morgan, Junior Marvin (The Wailers), Joe Lovano, Gabin, Roberto Pregadio Big Band, Galaxy Big Band by Bruno Biriaco, Franco Micalizzi & The Big Bubbling Band, Santi Scarcella, Lello Panico, Cristiano Micalizzi, Massimo Varini, Stefano Malatesta.
Lello Panico “Fifty years ago” (2013)
Ilenia Bianchi: “Concerto blu” (2014)
Mirkoeilcane: “Secondo me” (2018)
Stefano Malatesta: “Undicibrani” (2018)
Santi Scarcella: ”Da Manhattan a Cefalù” (2019)

Roberto Palladino

He began studying drums at the age of 6, then moved to Rome to undertake the educational path of professional training by enrolling at Saint Louis College of Music, where he studied with some of the most famous drummers and performers of the Italian music scene.

He studied drums with Claudio Mastracci, Roberto Gatto, Cristiano Micalizzi, Agostino Marangolo, Giancarlo Ippolito, Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Biagio Cozzi.

He participated in several seminars and drum master classes held by world-renowned drummers including Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, Gregg Bissonette, Dom Famularo, Tullio De Piscopo, Vincenzo Restuccia.

He graduated in pop/rock drums at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and graduated in Drums and Jazz Percussion at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

In between his important collaborations, can be found the ones with: Francesco De Gregori, Marcella Bella, Paolo Vallesi, Alan Sorrenti, Leda Battisti, Marie Claire D'Ubaldo, Iseiottavi, Area Sanremo Band.

On the occasion of tours and concerts, he accompanied artists such as: Donatella Rector, Fausto Leali, Mario Lavezzi, Silvia Salemi.

Davide Piscopo

He started playeing the drums at the age of 9, afterwards, studying with Claudio Mastracci, Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti, Giampaolo Ascolese, Pierpaolo Ferroni, Enrico Pieranunzi, Fabrizio Sferra, Andrea Avena, Massimo Moriconi, Gianfranco Gullotto, Alfredo Golino, Antonio Golino and Franco Lauria he perfected his sound.
He has collaborated with Simone Cristicchi, Povia, Alex Britti, Fabrizio Moro, Francesco Di Giacomo, Gabriele sleep little, Gabriella Martinelli, Tony Carnevale, Jano, Dado, David Hudson, Fred Robinson, Maurizio Giammarco, Gae Manfredini, Michael Allen, Massimo Fedeli, Francesco Lo Cascio, Baruch Darling, Mauro di Maggio, Cristal White, B.O.N., Erminio Sinni, Subzero, Dywane Thomas, Anonimo Italiano, Mario Donatone, Alberto Donatelli , Rocco Cucovaz, Rita Pavone, Erriquez (Bandabardò), Francesco Gazzè (author and collaborator of his brother Max Gazzè), Clarence Milton Bekker, Luca Ravagni.
He has participated in numerous tours and festivals with Simone Cristicchi, Gabriella Martinelli, Povia, Jano

Giovanni Candia

He approached the guitar studio at the age of ten. The initial interest in blues soon turned into a strong passion for jazz, a musical genre that he deepened at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, following first the traditional diploma path and then the three-year first cycle of academic diploma in jazz.

After completing his three-year academic studies at Saint Louis, he obtained a second cycle academic diploma in jazz guitar at “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory of Music in Rome. Contemporarily to his musical training, he obtained a first and second level degree in Communication Sciences at the Pontificia Salesiana University in Rome.

He has performed in numerous music reviews both in Italy and abroad. In 2019 he released "Terra Tranquilla", the first album of the Scape quartet, where he figures both as a guitarist and as a composer, arranger and producer. It is actively

Simonetta Collatina

Simonetta CollatinaBiografia INGLESE TECNICOSimonetta Collatina è bilingue (inglese e italiano) ed è in possesso della doppia cittadinanza italiana e statunitense. Dopo essere stata tutor e supplente di latino e greco durante gli studi universitari (Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia), Simonetta Collatina, a seguito del suo trasferimento negli Stati Uniti nel 1995, ha lavorato principalmente nel...

Fabio Balestrieri

Artistic producer, arranger, composer and guitarist. Fabio Balestrieri graduated from the Musician Institute's Guitar Institute of Technology as a guitarist, studying with Scott Henderson and at the Dick Grove Music School for arrangement and composition.

Milena Nigro

Milena NigroBiografia CORO MULTISTILISTICO “FANTASY VOICES”, VIDEOSCRITTURA SU FINALECoro multistilistico Eventi Jazz Factory al Teatro Eliseo TORNA INDIETRO

Alessandro cusatelli

He is the author of four concertos for solo instrument and orchestra (Concerto for viola, 1986; Violin Concerto, 1990; Concerto for oboe and orchestra, 2007; Sonatina for clarinet and small orchestra, 2013) and numerous other symphonic compositions, a musical drama in one act (Mary Allen, 1995), various symphonic-vocal works (Libera me, 1997; Ave verum, 1998; two Lieder cycles for soprano and orchestra); he has also dedicated himself to a wide chamber production, mainly for string formations.
His works have been performed at the RAI Symphony Orchestra in Turin, the RAI Orchestra in Milan, the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, the Arena di Verona Foundation, the RAI Chamber Season in Rome, and many other musical institutions.
The totality of the symphonic-chamber production was frequently broadcast by the RAI radio networks, of which he was several times guest in related broadcasts.

David Logan

Award-winning composer, also nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Award, graduated (magna cum laude) from Berklee College of Music.

In 1996 David moved to Los Angeles where he found immediate success as a composer in the video game industry. His credits include musical composition for extremely popular games such as X-Men – Mutant Academy (Activision), PacMan World 2 (Namco) and the re-released arcade classic Asteroids (Activision).
He composed the award-winning Heroes Over Europe epic soundtrack for Ubisoft (PS3, XBox 360, PC) and Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (Marvel/Disney), nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Award. He also composed the soundtrack to Valerian: City of Alpha (Spil Games), the official video game in Luc Besson 's film.

His music has been used extensively on television, both in advertising, such as the Nike campaign for the 2004 Summer Olympics with Marion Jones.

Valentina Bertuzzi

Italian director and screenwriter, nominated for the Golden Globes 2020 and the Nastri d'Argento 2020. She mainly works with the genres: Mystery, Adventure and Psychological Horror, ingring them with intimate themes.
His dystopian thriller Corporate, starring Valentina Lodovini, was distributed in the halls of the Circuito Cinema di Qualità. In 2017 he was a finalist at the Venice Film Festival at the Biennale College Cinema International, with the film Stellanera. In 2019 his web series GhostCam is acquired and distributed by the American broadcaster SEEKA TV.
In 2020 he made his Hollywood debut with the short film Nature's Crime and won the San Diego Italian Film Festival. Graduated in Arts and Entertainment at the Sapienza University of Rome, she won a PHD in Cinema and Performing Arts.

Simone Pappalardo

Simone PappalardoBiografia SISTEMI INTERATTIVI E INSTALLAZIONI D’ARTEin costruzione… Guarda su youtube1 Simone Pappalardo vincitore sezione scuole BNL Media Art Festivalhttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/vJmjX3lcYMs/mqdefault.jpg Guarda su youtube TORNA INDIETRO

Luciano Vanni

Founder and CEO of vanni editore srl publishing house and founder of the national organization Civitates, active on the themes of social innovation and the development of Italian local communities through culture, music and the arts.
He is the editor and director of the magazines JAZZIT (dedicated to jazz music), MUZ (dedicated to rock music) and Il Turismo Culturale (dedicated to travel) and as an author he has created and signed editorial and multimedia series on behalf of De Agostini spa " Jazz 33 rpm: The great masterpieces of jazz on vinyl ”and of the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana G.Treccani“ L'Italia in Piccolo ”.
Alongside the activities of publisher, author, essayist and writer, he is also active on the teaching front (music business, musical writing, event organization and social innovation) and has held conferences and training courses

Francesco Fratini

He began studying the instrument at the age of 8. He studies with the masters Salvatore Catania and Franco Vasselli, Giampaolo Casati, Pietro Tonolo, Stefano Zenni, Marco Tamburini, Claudio Corvini, Enrico Rava, Gianluigi Trovesi. In January 2009, still eighteen, he was called by Enrico Rava to be part of his ensemble, alongside Daniele Tittarelli, Gianluca Petrella, Giovanni Guidi, Gianluigi Trovesi, Dan Kinzelman and Stefano Senni. In September 2010 he moved to New York where, thanks to a four-year scholarship, he attended the courses of the New School For Jazz and Contemporary Music. Over the five years in New York he has the opportunity to study under the guidance of teachers such as Reggie Workman, George Cables, Aaron Goldberg, Steve Cardenas, Jimmy Owens, Andrew Cyrille, Laurie Frink, Ambrose Akimounsire, Avishai Cohen, Kirk Nurock, Doug Weiss, Marcus Printup, Jane Ira Bloom. He also performs in

Davide Di Pasquale

He began the study of trombone at the age of 11 and played in the ensembles of southern Abruzzo. At the age of 20, after studying jazz improvisation with Max Ionata, he moved to Rome, attended Saint Louis Music Of College studying with the masters Luca Giustozzi and Marcello Rosa. In 2005, Paolo Fresu awarded him the scholarship as the best student at the 17th edition of Nuoro Jazz.

Since 2007 active in the Roman and national scene as first trombone and solo trombone as well as a session player in the studio. He has collaborated with Amii Stewart, Rocco Papaleo, Maurizio Rolli, Javier Girotto, Giancarlo Maurino, Mario Raja, Roberto Pregadio, Tony Formichella, Piero Quarta, Roberto Coltellacci, Antonio Solimene, Stefano Rotondi, Elvio Ghigliordini, Gianni Oddi, Roberto Mancini, Marco Omicini , Ettore Fioravanti, Antonello Sorrentino, Luca Aquino, Armando Sciommeri, Pino Sallusti, Pasquale Innarella, Paolo Tombolesi, Zsolt Kovacs

Davide Aru

He has played live and in the studio with numerous artists such as Fiorella Mannoia, Alessandra Amoroso, Emma Marrone, Samuele Bersani, Raf, Andrea Bocelli, Peppe Vessicchio, Danilo Rea, Tullio De Piscopo, Paola Turci and many others.

He has arranged all of Fiorella Mannoia's records for 6 years, including the song "Che Sia Benedetta" and the record that contains it; he has been playing live with her for as many years and has been playing live with Alessandra Amoroso for 3 years; he's the guitarist and artistic director of her tours from Vivere a Colori tour to the 10 Tour.

He participated in numerous television broadcasts as a member of the orchestra: Rossini Opera Festival (orchestra of Maestro Riz Ortolani) 2002, Amici (orchestra of Maestro Peppe Vessicchio) from 2006 to 2011, I Fuoriclasse di Carlo Conti (orchestra of Maestro Leonardo De Amicis) 2007, The year to come "(orchestra of Maestro Leonardo De Amicis) 2007 and 2008, Volami nel cuore (orchestra of Maestro Leonardo De

Cristina D'Arcangelo

Graduated in Jazz Vocals with the highest marks at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome with the thesis "CircleSinging and Vocal Summit: choral improvisation between freedom and conduction", she approached music at the age of 14 first with the study of classical guitar and later of vocals.

In 2009 she participated in the competition "Sotto le Stelle" in the unpublished section ranking in second place. She studied singing with numerous teachers including: Susanna Stivali, Elisabetta Antonini (jazz singing) and Roberto Delli Carri (mix vocal technique and modern singing).

He also attended many in-depth seminars: Jazz improvisation and repertoire with Susanna Boots, Diana Torto and Bob Stoloff; Vocal summit, Circle Singing and Conduction with Roger Treece, Albert Hera, Susanna Boots, Angelo Olivieri, Christiane Karam and Jay Clayton; Estill Voicecraft EVT official courses with I and II level certificate

Manuel Alejandro Basurto Lomba

Graduated in Composition with honors at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. At a young age, he moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he began studying piano.

In early 2008, he joined the theatre company THEAMUS with which he participated as a pianist. He made his debut as arranger and orchestrator with the musical "The Miracle of Fatima" in 2009, in which he also held the choral conducting.

He made the musical composition of advertising campaigns in the Dominican Republic for brands such as Marlboro Gold on top 2, and the launch of Kia Picanto.

Gilberto Bartoloni

Graduated in Composition with honors at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and at Licinio Refice Conservatory in Frosinone.

He composes and arranges music for dance performances (Dance Art Faculty, Eliseo Theater), short films (Uxor Film), concerts, ranging from classical, contemporary, electronic, ancient music, pop, rock and jazz.

In 2018, he collaborated as "Supervisor Computer Music" and as assistant to the composer Amedeo Tommasi to the realization of the soundtrack of the film "Il signor diavolo", by Pupi Avati (Rai Cinema).

He participated as composer and conductor in concerts at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Teatro Eliseo and received commissions from theaters and festivals (Associazione Concerti Città di Noto, Cantieri dell'Immaginario – Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo, Teatro Everest Firenze).

Since 2015 he has been collaborating as arranger and composer with the studio of

Andrea Saffirio

He began playing the piano at the age of 7, following studies in classical music and ragtime with M° Barbara Martellini, then approaching jazz that later he will deepen with several teachers such as Ramberto Ciammarughi, Claudio Colasazza, Antonio Faraò, Maurizio Giammarco, Aaron Goldberg, Eric Legnini, Dado Moroni, Pierpaolo Principato among others.

He has been active for years on the Italian and European jazz scene, live and in the studio, obtaining various awards including the "Premio Jazz Live 2014 (Jazz Live Award 2014(" within the Fara Music Festival 2014. He is the leader of the project "No Trio For Cats" with which he recorded "The Chicken In Love" (Emme Record Label) and "Colors Factory", for the Japanese label Da Vinci Jazz.

He has collaborated, among others, with Aldo Bassi, Stefano Cantarano, Jay Clayton, Paolo Fresu, Maurizio Giammarco, Rosario Giuliani, Eric Ineke, Gegè Telesforo, Lenny White and others.

After obtaining the first and second cycle academic diploma with the highest marks, since 2017, he has been teaching at Saint Louis College of Music. In 2019 he published the educational book "Il Linguaggio Armonico di Art Tatum" (Aracne Editrice).

Roberto Sanguigni

He was born in San Benedetto Del Tronto in 1989 and began studying electric bass at the age of 16, then moved to Rome to attend Saint Louis College of Music graduating in Popular Music with a score of 110 and honors.
He studied with Gianfranco Gullotto, Marco Siniscalco, Lorenzo Feliciati, Andrea Rosatelli, Pierpaolo Ranieri and Roberto Gallinelli.
During his studies he attended masterclasses and seminars with:
Tom Kennedy, Eric Marienthal, Dario Deidda, Pippo Matino, Saturnino, Maurizio Rolli, Alain Caron, Gege Telesforo, Fabrizio Bosso, Paolo Fresu and many others.

He undertakes the study of the double bass with Luca Bulgarelli.

Take part in the 2011/2012 Italian tour of Radio Cuore accompanying Alexia, Massimo di Cataldo, Paolo Vallesi, Thomas Grazioso and many others. He becomes part of the Diego Swan Cigno project, produced by the Urban49 label of the Saint Louis College of Music with which he has

Bernardino Ponzani

He was born in Rome in 1991, living in Montorio Romano (Rome). He approached music as a child, and began studying drums in 2005. He moved to Rome in 2010, after graduating from high school, and began his studies at Saint Louis College of Music, where he specialized in different musical styles studying with: Gianni Di Renzo, Claudio Mastracci, Daniele Chiantese, Daniele Pomo, Pierpaolo Principato, Gianfranco Gullotto, Antonio Solimene.

In parallel to the degree course, he followed lessons with Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti and Cristiano Micalizzi. In February 2017 he finished the three-year first cycle of academic courses graduating with honors in Drums and Jazz Percussion.

In 2015 he joined the band of singer-songwriter Cigno, in 2016 he was part of the Saint Louis Big Band, thanks to which he collaborated with Javier Girotto and Gegè Telesforo.

He has been active for years in the Roman music scene, both in the studio and live, performing in the main Italian clubs and in prestigious locations such as: EXPO Milano, Circo Massimo, Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Autodromo di Imola, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Stefano Daino

He began working professionally as a demonstrator of major audio editing workstations in the 1980s. Graduated in Electronic Engineering and specialized in numerical signal processing and programming for applications for the treatment of audio signals in real time. Stefano Daino, in the second half of the 90s, designed and developed D-SoundPRO, a graphical editor of audio files for macOS.
He later worked for TC-Works for which he designed and developed Spark, an editing and mastering program for MacOS, and then, since 2002, designed and developed DSP-Quattro. The latter has received various awards in the international arena, and is still in production and continuous evolution. His skills, in addition to concerning the design on MacOS, also concern the development of applications for iOS.

Alessio Baldelli

Musician, drummer, teacher and performer. He graduated with honors in Jazz Drums in 2016 at Saint Louis College of Music. In October 2020, he obtained a second cycle specialization diploma in Drums and Jazz Percussion at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome with honors.
He also attended numerous seminars and master classes such as Roma Jazz's Cool and Siena Jazz Summer Workshop.
In 2016 he became a teacher of drums at Saint Louis College of Music.
Present for years in the Roman music scene with original projects and as a sideman. He performed in the main national festivals such as Umbria Jazz, stages such as Auditorium Parco della Musica and theaters such as Teatro Eliseo in Rome. Over time, he managed to range from small formations such as trios to large formations such as the Big Bands. He expanded his training in the recording studio with various artists from the Roman music scene and beyond.

Stefano Vestrini

His musical training took place between the study path at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, with the masters Gianni Di Renzo, Daniele Chiantese, Claudio Mastracci, Davide Piscopo and Giovanni Imparato and the Conservatorium Maastricht in Holland with Ron Van Stratum and Arnoud Gerritse.

Between 2016 and 2018 he continued his training in Rio de Janeiro where he studied drums with samba guru Kiko Freitas, pandeiro with Clarice Magalhães, repique and batucada orchestration with Wagner Pereira (Waguinho do Repique), Timbal and Alfaia with Alexandre Garnizé, Candomblé and rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian religion with Douglas de Logun Edé. In 2019, he continued his musical research in Havana, Cuba, with maestro Irian Lopez Rodriguez deeping in Afrocuban liturgical music, studies that he continued in Rome with the masters Giovanni Imparato and Humberto Oviedo.

In July 2020 he appeared on national TV on the program “Tu si que vales” accompanying the performance

Margherita Flore

She graduated in 2011 at the A.Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria, after a private study track with M° Cinzia Bartoli. In previous years, she won numerous instrumental competitions including the ANEMOS Vocal and Instrumental Competition in Rome, always getting to the top places. She attended the Arts Academy where she studied harmony with M°Claudio Perugini and followed Roberto Cappella's annual Masterclass in piano. She participated in numerous piano festivals, playing both solo and in chamber formations.

In 2010 he entered the Saint Louis College of Music in the Jazz Piano course with Maestro Pierpaolo Principato and in Film Music Composition with the Masters Gianluca Podio, Ferdinando Nazzaro, Adriano Melchiorre and Alessandro Cusatelli. He collaborates with the double bass player Paolo Benelli in the realization of an album containing Dragonetti's Soli for piano and double bass, broadcast

Gabriele Ceccarelli

Composer, arranger, conductor and teacher, he was born in Frosinone in 1993 and settled in Rome after reaching the age of majority.

He studied at Saint Louis Music College, obtaining in order: 1st level academic diploma in Jazz Piano, 1st level master's degree in Film Scoring and, finally, 2nd level academic diploma in Jazz Composition and Arrangement. Upon completion of his studies, he prepares and discusses a thesis on "Recomposition: techniques and achievements in jazz" which is awarded the dignity of publication.

He still pursues the study of composition, either individually or with the occasional guidance of master Richard DeRosa.

He has written music for the most diverse ensembles (big band, jazz combo, symphony orchestra, television orchestra, string quintet and other chamber ensembles) and has active collaborations with soloists of the caliber of Paolo Fresu and Javier

Dario Troisi

He graduated with honors in Jazz Piano at the Conservatory of Rome Santa Cecilia, deepening in parallel the study of classical piano.
At the same time he attended and obtained an academic diploma in jazz piano at the “Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome.
In June 2006 he obtained a scholarship to attend the "Roma Jazz's cool" courses and study jazz piano with Kenny Werner.
Since 2012 he has been collaborating with Noemi. With her, he performs in several concerts, events and television broadcasts including the Auditorium of Rome, Teatro Petruzzelli of Bari and St. Peter's Square in front of the Holy Father on the occasion of the "Day for the Family 2013".
In 2013 he played with Nesli participating in the stages of the summer tour "Voglio il Tour".
For the cinema he composed and performed in 2017 some of the music from the television series "The mafia kills only in summer - second season", while in 2013

Diego Cignitti

Guitarist and songwriter, after the Diploma in Rock / Blues Guitar at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome (2013) and the Degree in Jazz Guitar at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome (2014), he specializes in composition and arrangement jazz (Specialized Degree - Academic Biennium equivalent to Specialization Master) at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. In 2018 and 2019 he participates in the Training and Advanced Course on Albeton and Ableton Push at the SAE in London and at the London Academy Music of London.

Participates in numerous festivals "Subiaco Rock & Blues Festival", "Green Hills in Blues" of Atri (PE), "Festival of the" City of the Other Economy "in Rome," Supersanto's ", Rome," Jammin '"at the Auditorium of Rome, "Avezzano in Blues", opens the first part of the Achtung Babies tour, in 2015 he brings his studio work as conductor to the Auditorium

Fabio Rogoli

Concert pianist, composer and teacher at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Born in Monthey, Switzerland, he began playing the accordion at the age of 8, then continued with the study of the classical piano while demonstrating a strong natural instinct towards the art of improvisation. He S later studied classical piano at the Nino Rota Conservatory in Lecce; Arrangement and jazz composition under the guidance of Maestro Franco D'Andrea and attended International Seminars Senesi Jazz University held by Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Pieranunzi.
He has played with Fabrizio Bosso, Javier Girotto, Heidi Vogel, Robert Bonisolo, Rosario Giuliani, Marco Tamburini, Fabio Zeppetella, Daniele Scannapieco, John Stowell, Michael Rosen, Susanna Boots, Gege 'Telesforo, Maurizio Giammarco, Roberto Ottaviano, Bungaro, and many others.

Albums made: Trithonia (2001); Chaos Terrae (2003); Other Voltage Live (2004);

Domenico Labanca

Lucano, by origin, but Roman by "adoption", graduated in Piano & Keyboards in 2014 at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and he is close to obtaining the first level academic diploma in Pop Piano also at Saint Louis.
Several collaborations between bands and orchestras of the capital and as a session player in various recording studios; currently engaged with ISEIOTTAVI, a twenty-year band that traces the life and works of the great Rino Gaetano in music; to be counted among others, the presence of Maestro Francesco De Gregori at various concerts of the Band; collaborates as keyboard player "officially" since 2015 with Mirkoeilcane (Sanremo 2018), Roman singer-songwriter recognized as one of the most important and interesting prospects of the entire Italian songwriting scene, with several prestigious awards already achieved: after a 2016 with three awards ( Bindi Award, Incanto Award and MusicaControcorrente Award), in 2017 he is Absolute Winner

Gabriele Petrillo

Born in Seriate, Bergamo, on December 29, 1987. Musician, arranger and teacher, he graduated from the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. From 2006 to 2011 he studied Electric Bass, Harmony and Arrangement with the masters Gianfranco Gullotto, Marco Siniscalco, Pierpaolo Principato, Andrea Avena and Amedeo Tommasi. In 2009 he attended an intensive workshop with Darryl Jones. From 2008 to 2012 he attended the masterclasses of Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin, Guy Pratt, Pino Forastiere, Lorenzo Feliciati and Josè Fiorilli.

In 2011 he attended the VII edition of "Roma Jazz's Cool" where he studied with international musicians such as John Patitucci, Danilo Perez, Charis Ioannou and Ramberto Ciammarughi. In the summer of 2011 he played with the pianist Emilio Merone (teacher at Saint Louis and author of the album "Element" with Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley) in his project "Partenopea". In the summer of 2012 he is in London with the "Melotrio" project

Giacomo Quintili

Giacomo QuintiliBiografia COMPOSIZIONE MUSICALE ELETTROACUSTICA, SINTESI, CAMPIONAMENTO E PRODUZIONE MUSICALE, SISTEMI, TECNOLOGIE, APPLICAZIONI E LINGUAGGI DI PROGRAMMAZIONEGiacomo Quintili Conseguito nel luglio 2020 il diploma accademico al Saint Louis College of Music in Musica Elettronica (indirizzo compositivo) con 110 e lode, Giacomo Satoru Quintili si è da subito interessato all’arte dell’insegnamento e della didattica nell’ambito delle...

Michelangelo Buccolini

In 2011 he began his studies at the "Saint Louis College of Music", where he graduated with honors in Heavy-Rock Guitar under the guidance of Giacomo Anselmi. Over the years he has attended clinics and masterclasses of guitarists such as Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro, Nick Johnston, Michael Lee Firkins, Mattias Eklundh and finally Paul Gilbert, with whom he has the opportunity to play in a jam session during a masterclass organized by the Saint Louis College of Music at the "Casa del jazz" in Rome in April 2017.

He is part of the orchestra of the theater company "La Pastocchia" with whom he plays in the musicals: "ABBA - Mamma Mia!" (2014), "Rugantino" (2015), "Tale E Quali Show" (2016), "Jesus Christ Superstar "(2019). Since 2016 he collaborates with the “Markline Handmade Guitars” brand of which he is an endorser and for which he has designed a signature model that bears his name.
In 2017 he performed on the stage of the "Teatro Eliseo" in Rome on the occasion of the "Guitar

Matteo Cristofori

He started the violin studies at the age of 4,At the age of only 8 he was awarded in national competitions. He studied with G. Cappone in his city (Viterbo) and then perfected himself, after graduating from the "G.B. Pergolesi" Conservatory, in Rome, with G. Moench and in Fiesole with F. Cusano, collaborating with the Italian Youth Orchestra and the V. Galilei Orchestra. He has attended Masterclasses and workshops with B. Korfker, C. Rossi, O. Semchuk, C. de los Santos.
In addition to having collaborated with several symphonic orchestras and being active as a soloist and chamber musician (in 2017 he performed his "Concerto Short" for violin and orchestra as a soloist in Florence), he has always paid attention to language violinist in jazz, blues and contemporary music, participating as a soloist in various formations in international festivals such as UmbriaJazz, the International Bluegrass Meeting,

Livia Zanichelli

Born in Rome in 1988, she began her piano studies at the age of 7 and then began singing in 2003. She later continued until obtaining the Diploma in Pop-Rock vocals with the teacher Antonella De Grossi at Saint Louis College of Music, performing in the meantime in numerous clubs in the capital and participating in some television programs.

Alessandro Peana

He approached music from an early age, showing a strong aptitude for rock music that led him to develop a powerful and energetic sound.

At nineteen he moved to Rome to study at the Saint Louis College of Music. Shortly after he recorded his first album with The Boomers, Fast & Bulbous (Goodfellas 2008) whose single Antirave reaches MTV

In 2010 he was a founding member of the punk'n'roll blues band Super Dog Party.
The power trio, between festivals and live music events of all kinds, boasted an intense live performance activity in which he showed an extremely engaging show between distortion, fast rhythms and very high volumes.

Both in Italy and abroad the Super Dog Parties often have the opportunity to share the stage with internationally renowned artists, to perform as in a Festival with thousands of attendees, but also to continue playing in the neighborhood pubs of which they are assiduous. and staunch entertainers.

The pieces of the debut album, The Big Show (Goodfellas 2012), are used as

Pietro Imperi

He began studying music at the age of 6, dedicating himself to the study of sax and then discovering classical guitar and, a year later, dedicating himself completely to the study of the electric guitar.

In 2007, he attended the Saint Louis College Of Music where he had the opportunity to study under the guidance of professionals of the caliber of Antonio Affrunti, Giacomo Anselmi, Davide Aru, Lello Panico, Nico Stufano, William Stravato, Claudio Ricci, Marco Manusso and attend ensemble music workshops held by important session players such as Massimo Varini, José Fiorilli and Andrea Rosatelli. He also studied harmony and solfeggio with Amedeo Tommasi, Andrea Avena, Marco Siniscalco, Pierpaolo Principato, Antonio Solimene and Claudio Ricci.

Graduated in 2013 in Pop Guitar, under the guidance of Maestro Antonio Affrunti, he has had numerous live and studio experiences.

From 2012 to 2015 he is the guitarist of Kube

Emiliano Caroselli

He began studying drums at the age of 17 with Maestro Cristiano Micalizzi, becoming passionate about John Bonham, Stewart Copeland and other exponents of jazz drums, until he discovered Max Roach, Art Blackey and Elvin Jones, who opened the doors of jazz to him and research, "following in the footsteps of these giants I realized that the thing that most attracted and intrigued me was the African feel that these great drummers all had in common". In 1998 Emiliano began his studies at the E.N.A. National Art Organization of Havana in Cuba, where he graduated in 2001.

Emiliano returned to Rome in 2001 and enrolled at Saint Louis College of Music to deepen his jazz studies, studying with Maestro Claudio Mastracci and international names such as Jeff Tain Watts, Jeff Ballard, Clarence Penn, Joe LaBarbera, Mark Guilliana, Joe Bergamini , Gene Jackson.

Fabrizio Galassi

Journalist, lecturer and Digital Marketing consultant, he was director of Rockstar.it until 2008; since 2009 he has taught digital marketing in music and art at IED in Rome in the Sound Design course; he has lectured at the Master in Management, Marketing and Communication of Music at La Sapienza, at the NUT Academy in Naples as well as workshops and seminars throughout Italy.

As a journalist he writes and has written for Repubblica.it, Kataweb, MTV Italia, Wired, IlFattoQuotidiano and Left. He has done digital consultancy for Ericsson, Rai, Nokia, BelieveDigital, Zimbalam, NUToneLab, Groovadia and ThinkLouder.

Michele Braga

Born in Rome in 1977, a self-taught musician, he perfected himself with Maestro Alessandro Cusatelli with whom he studied composition and orchestration.

In 2000 he founded the project "Kitchentools" and released "Harmonoize" a double electropop album.

From 2004 to 2006 he toured with Piero Pelù with whom he collaborated for the albums "Soggetti smarriti", "In faccia", "Presente" and the single "Tribù".

Much of Michele Braga's musical work is dedicated to cinema: in 2008 he collaborated with the director Gabriele Mainetti signing the music of the short film "Basette". In 2015 he composed, with the director Gabriele Mainetti, the music for the soundtrack of the Italian superhero film "Lo chiamano Jeeg Robot" starring Claudio Santamaria, Luca Marinelli and Ilenia Pastorelli, distributed by Lucky Red.

Since 2015 he has been collaborating with the Italian national synchronised swimming team for which he composed the song "The Seasons on Heart" for the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, and "Interstellar Synchro" for the 2016 Olympic qualifying in Rio de Janeiro. For the 2017 World Aquatics Championships in Budapest, he composed "A scream from Lampedusa" with which Manila Flamini and Giorgio Minisini obtained the first historic gold medal for the Italian synchro.

David Giacomini

An Anglo-Italian guitarist born in Rome in 1975. He began playing at the age of 10, studying with M° David Ferara, Umberto Fiorentino, Fabio Zeppetella, Stefano Micarelli and Massimiliano Rosati, Luigi Giannatempo, Andrea Avena and Eddy Palermo.
He obtained his first degree in jazz guitar at Frosinone Conservatory with the highest marks and honors, discussing the thesis "From symmetrical scales to the dodecaphonic series".

He has worked in different musical, professional and stylistic fields. In Pop, he collaborates with numerous original music projects as guitarist, author, arranger.
He created music for documentaries, audiobooks and corporate events (Geo & Geo, Il nostro capitale umano (Our Human Capital), Regione Sardegna, Agenform).
He arranged and produced numerous artists, including: Cliò, Cargo, Mercvrio, Pink Gijibae and Federico Baroni.
He has played and recorded with Andrea Cioffi, Giovanni Del Grillo, Eu, Esly and with Luca Seta playing in Europe Thailand

Vittorio Solimene

He began his piano studies at the age of 12 and at 15 he was admitted to the three-year first cycle of academic diploma in jazz piano at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome where, in July 2017, he graduated in Jazz Piano with a score of 110 and honors. In June 2020, he completed his studies at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, where he obtained a two-year second cycle diploma with honors including the honorable mention.

He was a student of Ramberto Ciammarughi, Roberto Tarenzi, Pierpaolo Principato, Dario Zeno, Alessandro Gwis, Pat Bianchi. He participated in the seminars of: "Tuscia in Jazz" attending Aaron Parks courses in 2014; "Siena Jazz" attended the courses of Gerald Clayton, John Escreet, Franco D'Andrea and Stefano Battaglia, Mark Giuliana, Shane Endsley in 2015.

Federico Brugnola

Federico BrugnolaBiografia SOUND ENGINEERFederico Brugnola dopo aver conseguito il diploma di laurea in Tecnico del suono presso il Saint Louis College of Music con il massimo dei voti nel settembre 2018, ottiene anche la qualifica di utente certificato Avid Protools livello 201 e Dante Certificated livello 2. Federico Brugnola tra le esperienze lavorative più importanti:...

Andrea Iannone

Andrea IannoneBiografia SOUND ENGINEER Andrea Iannone appassionato di produzione musicale, informatica ed elettronica di base, nel 2014 si iscrive al corso pre-accademico del dipartimento di Musica Elettronica del Saint Louis College of Music di Roma. Nel 2015 inizia il corso accademico di Regia e Tecnologia del Suono. Nell’estate del 2017 arrivano le prime esperienze lavorative...

Giordano Corapi

Giordano Corapi, born in Rome, after having trained in the study of the electric bass with Maestro Gianfranco Gullotto, graduated in Composition at the Saint Louis College of Music under the guidance of Maestro Gianluca Podio; in the following 2 years as a student of Maestro Podio and Maestro Ferdinando Nazzaro he specialized in Music for Film.

In the cinema field, he made the music of several films including Guido Lombardi's "Take Five" (nominated for David di Donatello and the Nastro d'Argento in 2015; he won the Ciak d'Oro in 2015 and the Colonne Sonore.net award for best soundtrack in 2014).

Also for Lombardi he creates the music for the films “The Thief of Days” and “La Bas” (winner of the Lion of the Future - Best First Feature - De Laurentiis Award - Venice Film Festival 2011). "Love at home" and "On the way home" by Emiliano Corapi (with whom he won the 2012 Rome Videoclip Award as best emerging composer)

Ernesto Assante

Journalist, editor-in-chief of the newspaper La Repubblica, author and television and radio host. Founder of Repubblica.it and Kataweb. Artistic director of the Medimex and Collisioni festivals.

He taught Theories and Technique of New Media and Analysis of Musical Languages ​​at the Sapienza University of Rome, Music Journalism at the Journalistic Criticism Master at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art.

He has published about thirty books on music and new technologies, published in Italy, England, France, Germany, United States, Poland, Holland.

Vincenzo Martorella

A jazz historian, a music expert of the 20th (and 21st century), he is one of the most authoritative Italian music critics. He has taught, and still teaches, The History of Jazz and Analysis of compositional and improvisational processes of Jazz at the Conservatories of Venice, Sassari, Latina, Cosenza, La Spezia and Ferrara.

He has taught: History of Alternative Music, at the SSIS of the University of Bari; Twentieth-Century Music History, at New York University, and History of Popular Music at the Master in radio and digital media host, organized by the Department of Language Sciences of the University for Foreigners of Perugia; at the Conservatory of Terni he held cycles of lectures on the history of jazz, a subject that for fifteen years he taught, together with Methodology of Music Criticism, History and Aesthetics of African American Music and History of Popular Music at the Academy

Alceste Ayroldi

Graduated in Law cum laude, he is senior structured professor of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, essayist, music critic, musicologist, veejay. He has been involved in music professionally since 1982.

He studied classical guitar for five years, then switched to drums. In the 80s he was the vocalist of the heavy metal band Helgard. Also in between the 80s-90s he was animator, deejay, P.R. in some discos on the Adriatic coast (Byblos, Riccione; Cocoricò, Riccione; Jubilèe, Senigallia) and organizer of Life 2 in Triggiano (Ba) and Ku-Shin-Kai of Bitritto (Ba), also as head of communication.

He collaborated as a speaker and consultant for the "Jazz, Fusion and Surroundings" - Radio Friendship program until the early 2000s and, in the 1980s, with the Bari radio station Radio Studio N2, dealing with New Wave and Avant-Rock. He is Professor of Rights within the Performing Arts, History of Popular Music, Music Research Practice, Music Academic Writing of the University Of West Of Scotland, for which Scottish public institution