directed by Chiara Viola and Sonia Russino

Choir dedicated to children aged 6 to 12. The project aims to bring children closer to music, with the aim of using it as a resource that goes beyond itself: musical activity contributes, in fact, to growth, strengthening self-esteem, learning value. listening to others and to oneself and responds to the need for inclusion in the group and the creation of a collective identity.

Children and teenagers will be musically stimulated with a captivating, creative and interactive approach to vocality.

The musical activity will be a resource aimed not only at an approach to vocality or the study of music, but will also become a means that will try to transmit to children the value of the search for beauty, in a learning context that will make them protagonists, having fun. , and allowing them to assume a central role, which puts everyone's personality at stake, while respecting the group and others.

A choir, in fact, is made up of people who sing together: there are no differences and each contributes equally to the success of the piece.

The lessons will be a path that will go through various phases and will explore various facets of music:

• Listening - attention to the quality of sounds, both those of the music we listen to, and those that come from ourselves and from the soundscape that surrounds us. Activation of conscious listening and, consequently, expression of the same through the body and movement.

• Movement - rhythmic-motor activities, expressive movement, execution of spoken, rhythmic, melodic moving canons, all aimed at the awareness of one's body in space, at the perception of one's body as an expressive means and musical instrument, at the acquisition of pulsation and the sense of time, and for the introduction to polyrhythm.

• Vocality and singing - exploration of the sounds of one's own voice and body, informal use and sung use of the voice, breathing, intonation of notes and intervals through the use of amusing and stubborn nursery rhymes. The voice will also be used to sing alone and in chorus, to perceive the difference between one and all, the importance of one over all the others and vice versa, everyone's need to create a unique beauty. In an always playful and creative way we will practice the dynamics and control of the voice instrument. VOICES IN CHOIR directed by Chiara Viola